Social Services and Community

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Community programs play a very important role within our societies, which is why demand for their services continues to grow. They are faced with the issue of declining budgets and shortage of workers in as much as this is the case, thereby impacting their work and the effectiveness at which they can operate. One way to solve this problem and ensure that community programs are willing to adapt their practices and therefore settle in this new world is to collaborate with other agencies such as the Department of Criminal Justice in a friendly manner. The two already have a bond, according to Dean et al (2000), only that their opinions can differ, resulting in conflict. The above can be achieved when there are open lines of communication to avoid any miscommunication or misunderstanding as has to be one of the major causes of conflict between the two systems (May et al, 2007). There is also the possibility of defining the roles and objectives each has to play thus ensuring that the community service can get all the help they need from other organizations to meet their objectives.

There is also the possibility of using community policing as part of their network. Nicholl (1999) explains that such policing avenues can help identify and solve minor problems within the community. As such, the community services can partner with them to help balance out their depleting personnel situation. Still, on this, the services can take advantage of the mandatory voluntary service policy that calls upon every member to participate in specific hours of service (Volunteer Canada, 2012).

Lastly, community services can still meet their demand by incorporating those who need rehabilitation within their work systems. Often times, such individuals find it difficult to find work or be accepted back into the society (Taube, 2014). As such, the services can hire them on hourly basis thus addressing the issue of shrinking budgets and shortage of personnel. It is all about finding a balance out of the norm in order for the services to comfortable adjust to their changing environment.


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