Social psychology reflection

I discovered a myriad of questions in the cognitive psychology classroom. To begin with, in the sense of culture, I have studied and contemplated the word social psychology, as the psychology that explores the way people think, behave and feel. Social psychology primarily concerns the manner in which the emotions, feelings, and actions of individuals shift because of other people. In addition, I've studied various social ideas, hypotheses, and values through the psychology curriculum. For instance, out of violence, I have learned for a person to purposefully inflict discomfort or harm to another, he or she does so. Subsequently, aggressive behaviors are stimulated by either frustrations or aversive incidents such as pain or the need to revenge.

Moreover, I have also learnt in the society, there are established rules and regulations that are aimed in helping individuals in the society to conform or fit with others. In addition, I have also learnt that in every society, the members have its unique way of processing social information, storing and applying information about others. it is through the social cognition that makes individuals from one tribe to perform its rituals or have social behaviors that are different from the other. In addition, I have learnt that individuals in the society cannot relate and collaborate amongst themselves if they do not have a common way of understanding each other. This means that the concept of mass communication helps community members to collaborate with each other in various social situations and aspects. Consecutively, I have also learnt that individuals cannot associate or interact with each other if they maintain prejudice, and hatred rather than love and liking.

Things that inspires me in my work, art and designs

I am mostly inspired by the social psychology to learn more about the cultures, behaviors, perceptions and beliefs of other individuals, especially those whom I will encounter in the workplaces after school. Precise, I do contemplate that since globalization has become part of us in the contemporary world, the aspect of interacting with individuals from difference backgrounds, religions, gender, educational levels and ethnicity is common and beneficial, I have embraced interpersonal relationship. This would enable me to interact with other individuals in order to learn their way of doing things, enhance my level of creativity, and learn ways of solving life challenges.

In addition, through attending and conducting presentations at the community level, as well as in the social psychology class, I have gained the courage of addressing social gatherings without tensing or being shy. I feel inspired in that I can now manage to make professional presentations about myself, the society or any other sector that comes my way. Consecutively, through the social psychology class, I have managed to gain self justification skills and this makes me feel inspired in fighting for my rights as well as the rights of my fellow countrymen. I do contemplate that the contemporary world is full of wickedness and where the propagation of injustices, especially to the less fortunate has been the order of the day. Through the social psychology, I will manage to be the voice of the less fortunate, in order to ensure that justice is done to them. Moreover, through the social psychology class, I will be thinking before acting, and this will enable me to have explanations supporting my rationale of my undertakings.

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