Skill Exercises {Arson Charges}

The first step in determining the cause of the numerous arson charges will be to review the state's different legal regulations. A comparison to prior instances will also provide guidance on how the case should be presented. A real-time follow-up with the police inquiry is necessary. Before speaking with the police detectives, it is necessary to get in touch with the criminal defense team. Review the Maryland law provision that addresses fire. Obtain details about the punishments and sanctions. The group will concentrate on the restitutions as well. We shall also make a classification of the burning offense.

Question 2.

The concept of related offenses, the four law statutes that deal with burns, and the subsequent penalties are significant issues in the case. They will offer guidance to the formulation of the case and arrangement of defense while in the courts. Alternatively, matters of malicious intent, intoxication, and alibi will have limited impact to the case. The jury often makes the final decision based on the presentation of the case before the bench.

Question 3.

326 Md. 257 - GUY LANCASTER RICHMOND v. STATE OF MARYLAND, Court of Appeals of Maryland.

According to the above case, arson is regarded to as an offense against habitation rather than ownership of property. However, as demonstrated in a case involving Lord Coke, the malicious damage was interpreted as burning property to a larger extent than expected. The case of Richmond v. The state presented a conclusion stating “costs will have to be paid by the appellant.” This conclusion was made to issue compensation to the owner of the apartment.

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