Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser

Sister Carrie: A Classic American Urban Novel

Sister Carrie is one of the classic novels. It is the story of a young woman who moves to the big city and becomes a famous actress. This novel has been hailed as the greatest of all American urban novels. It deals with the human condition, as well as themes that are prevalent in our contemporary world. If you are considering reading Sister Carrie, then you've come to the right place. This article will help you gain a better understanding of this story.

Theodore Dreiser's Novel

Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser is a classic novel about a young woman who moves to the big city. She ends up falling in love with a rich man and becomes his mistress. Later, she goes on to become a famous actress. It has been called one of the "greatest American urban novels".

A Landmark Novel Set in Turn of the Century Chicago and New York

Sister Carrie is a landmark novel set in turn of the century Chicago and New York. The novel depicts a small-town girl's struggles in the big city, a world of desire, and work. The novel is hailed as one of the best portraits of urban life in American literature. The novel received poor reviews upon its initial publication, but has since been praised as a masterpiece of American literature.


In The Sisters of Carrie, the central character, Carrie Meeber, is a recently arrived college student. She is staying with her landlord, Minnie Hanson, who lives in a 3rd floor apartment in Chicago. On her first night, Carrie barely speaks to her, except when she asks her about the city and where to look for a job. Minnie's apartment is unattractive, and Carrie becomes disturbed by the lack of harmony in the place.

Although she comes from a low-class background, Carrie is determined to rise above her circumstances. Her sister's family continues to live a struggle-filled existence, and neither of them have the time or money to spend on leisure. Despite the difficulties in their lives, Carrie is determined to make something of her life. The story reveals the bleak reality of our fallen society, as reflected in the lives of the characters.


Setting for Sister Carrie focuses on the struggles of a poor country girl attempting to make it in the big city. Her family is poor and she's determined to rise above her situation. While her family is struggling to make ends meet, her sister's life is even more depressing. She has no leisure time and earns just two and a half dollars a week. She wishes for more, but she's not able to make ends meet.

The story is set in early twentieth-century Chicago. The story is set during a period of economic growth and change, and Dreiser reflects the shifting socioeconomic structures of the country at that time. The book also explores class distinctions within the society and the economy. Her sister serves as an example of a country girl who reaches the big city in search of opportunity. The novel shows the rise of a materialistic society and its effects on the lives of its citizens.


There are a number of themes in Sister Carrie that resonate with modern society. The novel deals with the importance of class and wealth in American society, and it also highlights the importance of a strong female character, which is especially relevant in the feminist movement of the 21st century. It also deals with human nature and morality and shows how these issues can affect relationships. In some ways, Sister Carrie is a cautionary tale about the decay of our society and the resulting lack of values.

The themes of Sister Carrie are wide and varied. One of the most prominent themes is the exploitation of sex by the upper class. While it is easy to see how such practices can lead to mistreatment, Carrie's actions are often motivated by greed. She lives in a small apartment with her sister, and she is expected to work for a decent wage to pay the rent. Carrie spends a lot of time in her rocking chair, sorting out her thoughts. It is a scene she repeats throughout the novel. During her downtime, she writes letters to Drouet.

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