School Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault in Schools

Sexual assault in schools applies to the sexual essence of inappropriate or unwelcome conduct that hinders one's ability to have a fair educational opportunity (Stein).

Sexual Harassment Within Schools

Sexually harassing actions can interfere with one's schooling, such as unwanted physical contact, movements, and both spoken and written language. In 1993, Louis Harris and Scholastic Inc. reported that 83% of girls and 60% of boys were sexually assaulted in kindergarten, according to a survey entitled Hostile Hallways (Stein). This paper explores schools as a very possible place for sexual abuse, especially against women.

Possible Locations for Sexual Harassment

Sexual assault also arises where the likelihood of identification is minimal. Schools are a perfect example of a location where sexual harassment is likely to occur since the risk of detection is low. Schools have lots of both common areas and private areas where sexual harassment can happen. Sexual harassment within school can happen in locations such as the gym, pool areas, cafeteria classrooms, offices and in school grounds. All these areas present low risk detection favoring student-to-student kind of sexual harassment. The different places within schools favor one or more form of sexual harassment. Therefore students, teachers are more likely to show sexually harassment especially against women.

Areas of Possible Sexual Harassment

Places like offices are areas where both student-to-teacher and teacher-to-student sexual harassments are likely to occur. Other places like the restrooms and locker rooms to are likely places of sexual harassment among the students themselves. Also, students may use the walls of places like the locker rooms to pin up sexually harassing messages and images. School walkways, corridors, hallways and pavements present possible places where sexually harassing behavior such as rubbing up against someone’s in a provocative way may occur. The sitting arrangement in classes and halls, where the room is compact may favor the male students harassing behavior towards the female colleagues through things like touching and rubbing of the ladies’ bodies.

Work Cited

Stein, Nan. Sexual Harassment in Schools. 2000. Web. 30 April 2017.

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