Social psychology is a field of psychology that deals specifically with multiple social experiences related to their originality and their influence on people. Social psychology is the discipline in which York seeks to break down the enigmatic ways in which individuals lead their lives and explain the means for credible and legitimate purposes (Heider, 2013). It will be difficult for people to live with understanding and to appreciate the differences that exist between them without the assistance and analysis of psychology, particularly social psychology. In the recent past, people have argued that love is no longer administered in life because people will end up being with each other based on various issues like fame, social and economic status and many different reasons that are far away from love. It is on rare occasions that you will find people engaging with each on love basis, and there is always an attached reason that is not loved. Few relationships can be classified under the category of romantic love. Real true love has many definitions varying from one person to the other. Some of the individuals may not understand the real meaning of love until that day they will get a chance to personally experience love is when the real meaning and definition of love will dawn on them.

There are several works of art ranging from articles, journals to essays that focus and explain in detail what entails the notion of romantic love. Just to mention a few works of art that illustrate much about the topic and they are the materials that are going to give us a better understanding of the romantic love in the society today. There is an article that talks about the various definitions of love and the real concepts of love and the other piece handle the comparison in the traits that exist between romantic love and true love. The third article focuses on the general view of love, is it selfish, obsessive, romantic or unconditional (Norman, 2004). The fourth article focuses on the definition and analyses of romantic love, and the last piece tries to explain love as a four-letter word with various meaning behind the word.

In definitions of love and its specific concepts, the author tries to explain the true meaning of love. He argues that although physical attraction and finance are the prime things that will make people relate to each other, it is their personality that will spice up and keep the relationship going. In his opinion, he sees love as a fleet, something that has to grow through various stages, and it keeps getting better with time. He also defines love from the family setting and refers to it as fraternal love. In the article, “A view of love, Unconditional, Selfish, Obsessive, Romantic.” The author holds to the opinion that love varies from one person to the other and every person has a different outlook and view of love. Sometimes it is a feeling or an object or a way of life that is making it hard for a real definition and true interpretation of love to be achieved. The author defines love in four aspects where in his opinion he believes love to be unconditional and an example of such love is that of the mother to her child or children, generally, the parents love (Burr, 2015). The other segment is the selfish love where he records it as unreal and not genuine. It is always hard to recognize it because one of the parties pretends around with hidden motives. The other definition is defined in obsessive love where he argues that one-part exercises excessive attraction to the other that so intense and magnified and usually uncontrollable. The last part is the romantic love. The author terms it as a type of love that two hearts fall for each other and the inner feeling of attraction and the matching of personalities. In the article, “A description of love as just a four-letter word with so many meaning behind it.” The author maintains that love has no definite meaning for it varies from one individual to the other. According to his opinion, he believes that love is not a high feeling towards one another, but it is that particular belief and trust that they can do a multiple of things as one. Some of the things the writer outlines are that love has no age limit, any person can love, and he or she can be loved at any age. He also argues that love is not about being happy but making happy. This means that in love people must try to make others happy because being happy is not what defines love.

All the articles hold and explain different ideologies concerning romantic love. In some situations, they are very different ideologies and opinions from each other, and on other circumstance, the views and the ideas are the same, and they speak the same language in the notion of love. The better comparison of the opinion about attachment can be achieved through analyzing the differences and similarities in the two different articles. “An analysis and Definition of Romantic love” and “A view on Love: It is unconditional, selfish, obsessive and romantic.” The two articles all argue that love has no formal definition and the meaning of love varies from one individual to the other. The articles also view love from two different perspectives that are the heavenly and earthly perspective. Love is too wide and deep and cannot be understood from the worldly perspective alone. The articles also clarify their views on the notion of love being a strong feeling towards one another. They specify love as trust, and uncompromised believe that two people believe they will achieve, accomplish and do great things as one. This is the driving force behind force and is what build a lasting relationship for their opinions were driving to the conclusion that love is the ultimate gift from God above. The same sentiments are shared by other two articles that is, “Definitions of love and its concepts,” and “Comparison traits between true love and romantic love.” (Mannheim, 2013).

In conclusion, the articles were written by different authors from different backgrounds and settings. Most probably most of the writers wrote the articles either from their own experience or they experienced someone close to them experience the same issues. But something interesting is that amid all the disparities in their environment that surrounded them, the difference in the experience some of the might have experienced and the difference in the audience immediate audience they were addressing, they all came up with pieces of art that were almost similar to each other in terms of opinions and ideologies. One of the things that ran across the articles was that they all came to an agreement that love was a complex thing that could not bear any specific definition or a structured formula that an individual could use to get love. There was a significance in the variance of love from one individual to the other, all the different type of people held different views and opinions about love. The articles also record that love is not just all about a feeling or strong attraction towards one another, and it is something that stretches beyond the usual senses. The individuals’ personality has to match to keep the candle lit all the time. The articles agree on a common agreement of love being a journey, something that is cultivated and spiced up all the time. Love culminates the notion of making people happy and not just being happy (Batson, 2014). Social psychology, in other words, is the science in people’s interactions and love is one of the many interactions in social psychology. Love has proven to be complex because it posses mixed interaction where people believe love conquers all the situations and it is the answer to most issues in life while other people may hold onto a different ideology of sometimes the whole ordeal of love can create issues due to their own experiences. A comprehensive study is supposed to be done that entirely focuses on the real effects of love. How much good can love to accomplish and how much damage if there is any can love can love cause because in one of the articles that discussed selfish love and obsessive love. People who portray such types of love are willing to go to the extremes just because of love. The study will help people understand the real coating of love and in this case romantic love, how to handle situations when in love and how great love can change one’s world and life.


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