Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Review

This Rich Dad Poor Dad book review

will highlight the advice Kiyosaki gives on how to create wealth without money. Many people have fallen into the conventional belief that in order to invest, you need a large amount of cash. But this isn't always the case and Kiyosaki shows how to earn big even without having a dime to spare. Hopefully, his advice will give you the motivation to take the next steps.

Robert Kiyosaki's debut book

The story of Robert Kiyosaki's journey from struggling middle-class kid to billionaire is one of success and persistence. While he faced many setbacks along the way, he kept going until he hit a breakthrough. Ultimately, Kiyosaki learned the importance of financial independence and letting your money work for you. His story embodies the principles of his debut book Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Kiyosaki was inspired to write his book

after years of struggling with money. While working at Xerox, he overheard his bosses talking about promotions and rising deductions. This realization led Robert to a more productive lifestyle and a more lucrative career.

Kiyosaki's first real-life example

is a journalist who had dreamed of becoming a best-selling author. He had realized that the journalist was a good writer, but had been unsuccessful. In order to overcome her fear of rejection, Kiyosaki joined Xerox, became one of the company's top five salespeople and eventually left to form his own company. Then he wrote his book about how he overcame his fears and became a successful entrepreneur.

The book was released twenty-five years ago

but Kiyosaki is still making waves in the Personal Finance world today. The book has been translated into dozens of languages and sold around the world. Based on the author's own experiences, Rich Dad Poor Dad has become a must-read for anyone interested in building a successful financial future.

Robert Kiyosaki's father

Robert Kiyosaki's father was a former teacher in Hilo, Hawaii, and was a fourth generation Japanese American. His father had a Ph.D. when he passed away in 1991. Robert later ridiculed people with advanced degrees, which indirectly criticized his father's poverty. Kiyosaki himself was born in Hilo, Hawaii, in 1947 and graduated from high school in 1965.

Robert Kiyosaki is a fourth generation Japanese immigrant to the United States

He graduated from Hilo High School in 1965 and went on to join the Merchant Marine Academy in New York. After three years, he decided to start his own business. His first company was a waterproof wallet business, and it was not a success. However, it provided Robert with valuable experience and capital.

Robert Kiyosaki has three children

He married Kim Meyer in 1986, who is an entrepreneur, investor, motivational speaker, and author. Kiyosaki also makes regular appearances on television, providing financial advice to audiences. He has appeared on Fox and Friends, Oprah, Larry King Live, and Glen Beck. He has a sister, Gladys Portugues, an actress and bodybuilder.

Robert Kiyosaki has faced significant criticism over the years

He has been associated with multi-level marketing and has recommended questionable investments in real estate. Kiyosaki's company was also hit by class-action lawsuits and royalty disputes.

Robert Kiyosaki's first lesson about money

Robert Kiyosaki's first lessons about money are applicable to every person no matter what stage in life you're in. He learned that the most difficult part of business is managing people. In order to succeed in business, you need to be able to manage people effectively. By following Kiyosaki's advice, you can learn how to do just that.

As a child, Robert Kiyosaki was raised by two "dads"

- one of whom had a Ph.D. and another who didn't even finish high school. One struggled with money, while the other became the richest man in Hawaii. As a child, Kiyosaki learned about the importance of financial literacy from his father and has used this information to become financially independent.

Kiyosaki's first lesson on money came when he was nine years old

He and his friend Mike wanted to become rich. When their parents discovered that the boys were melting toothpaste tubes into fake nickels, they asked them to stop. Rich Dad agreed to teach them how to make money. Initially, the two boys were hired to work at a small supermarket. But the money made by these jobs was not enough for Mike to buy a luxurious car or a nice house.

Robert Kiyosaki's first money lesson was based on real-world experiences

As a boy, he was not paid enough and complained to his father. He later realized that most people feel the same way. Even when their income increases, it doesn't make a huge difference in their lives.

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