Return on Investment and the Value of Technology in Healthcare

In today's world, most healthcare organizations have accepted the use of technology in their service delivery. The majority of these companies have also made significant investments in ensuring that technical processes are in place. They have put a lot of money into making sure that the policies in place can operate effectively and deliver reliable results. The benefits of investing in healthcare technology systems are explored in the article "Mobile Devices and Apps for Health Care Professionals: Uses and Benefits." The use of mobile technology in healthcare systems is discussed in this article and the returns that organizations that have invested in the technology have achieved. One of the returns is easier communication; there is easier voice calling, texts, video conferencing and emails. It is also easier to integrate the hospital information systems, the laboratory information systems, information resources, the electronic health records and the clinical decision support systems (Ventola, 2014). The use of clinical software applications has also been made easier, and these applications include disease diagnosis aids and the medical calculators. In the article "The Electronic Health Record and its Contribution to Healthcare Information Systems Interoperability" discusses the returns that the organizations that have invested in the technology of the electronic health record systems get. The primary gain is that crucial information that helps in the decision-making process is obtained (Jardim, 2013). The quality and the efficiency of healthcare delivery is also improved, and the security of records is assured. Both technologies have helped in ensuring that the quality of healthcare delivery is improved and that healthcare delivery is efficient. The organizations achieve the expected results on their investments. This is because the technology they invested in is efficient and gives the expected returns.


Jardim, S. V. (2013). The electronic health record and its contribution to healthcare information systems interoperability. Procedia Technology, 9, 940-948.Ventola, C. L. (2014). Mobile devices and apps for healthcare professionals: uses and benefits. Pharmacy and Therapeutics, 39(5), 356.

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