Reflection of Luca Interview

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Participation of a sporting event provides the ability to observe different facets of a country or sports event, such as the Olympics. For example, the Rio games show the existence of a class difference in Brazil (Cole). However, the irony is that a nation like Brazil can afford to pay a lot of money to host such a sporting event.
It’s fascinating how media and people’s help will affect the success of other teams. For instance, if a particular team has not lost any of its matches for a period of three years, and it has lots of support from the fans and the media, it forms a feeling that such a team cannot be defeated easily. Teams that play with such team may also end up losing since they have also embraced the same perception.

Sporting events are usually associated with expression of aggression – an aspect that brings forth a genuine nature of citizens from different countries around the world. Although the Brazilians do not openly express their disappointment during international events, there are those who use the sporting events to expression their aggression.

Other than aggression, sporting events also offer a platform for politics to take center stage. It is not possible to separate sports from politics completely. For instance, it is surprising to see how countries with a poor sports turnover are ready and willing to pay sports persons from endowed countries such as Kenya to participate on their behalf.

Also, it comes out clearly that the regulations such as those recently imposed by President Trump are likely to affect the sporting events in an extremely negative manner. Recently, for instance, Iran barred some Americans from taking part in sporting events in retaliation. No wonder if there are gonna be more soon.

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