Ranking of attributes

The majority of attribute rankings are subjective and based on personal experiences. Some people, for example, prefer sympathetic health care providers over emotionally stable health care providers. However, for this essay, the following attributes are listed in order of importance, from most important to least important, based on the writer's experiences: respect, communication, quick response, emotional stability, problem-solving skills, flexibility, physical endurance, attention to specific interpersonal skills, and empathy. Respect comes first on the list, followed by communication, since regardless of a person's health, they are human beings who deserve respect. Every patient must be respected by healthcare providers. Nonetheless, respect should be demonstrated through speech, hence it ranks second on the list. Empathy comes last since patients need the courage to withstand the pain or experiences they experience and therefore, empathy is a sign of giving up.

Discussion Question 2

A part of the qualities listed in discussion question 1 above, unbiasedness and proactive are other two additional essential attributes for health care providers. Given that most patients are illiterate when it comes to prescription and type of medication a good health care provider must assess the situation and give unbiased information to the patient and the relatives. Proactivity is another most essential quality of a good health care provider. Based on experience some practitioners lack information on some conditions. To avoid the wrong prescription and ensure effective medication by health care providers, they need to understand the needs of the patients' needs before laboratory reports. The links below shows two cases: the first portrays excellent healthcare professionals while the second shows poor professionalism. First link


Second link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILw9miiTIck

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