Race Riots in the Unites States Essay

In the United States, racial unrest has a long history. In the United States, racial unrest has a long history. They have been primarily using the concept that blacks and white people are not from the same race, ethnic group, or social class to explain racial tensions and prejudice over the years (BestNewsForYou3 1). Both blacks and whites have different standing in this regard, which has modified its trajectory today (Steinberg 15).

Racial Aspect and its Impact on Social Class and Culture

Based on a sociological viewpoint, previous racial riots in the United States show a clear cause and effect relationship that set them off. In this regard, the racial aspect especially the "clash of colors" among the American-whites, blacks, and the Korean-Americans is the hinge that led to enormous loss of resources through looting (Timothy 1). The difference in color disintegrated the social forces hence structuring the American community by then in lines of social class and status, ethnic variance, and cultural understanding. For instance, according to the analysis of the video, Class of Color Los Angeles Riots of 1992, the intensity of classes between the American whites, blacks, and the Koreans lead to immense losses of property (Timothy 1). The lesson or the sense in this is applicable in analyzing the causes, effects, and the mitigations which will aid in the development of a proper racial-free society. In addition to that, the true cause of race riots in the United States is ignorance and epistemology and not any other reason. Epistemology is evident Most of the companies are owned by the whites, power, prestige and they have all the opportunities at their stake which indicates how dear they hold their culture. The white people therefore use their white power to exploit the blacks who don't have a voice there (Steinberg 26).

The Influence of Class Inequality

The analysis of racial inequality is determined by a myriad factors, however, the force of class inequality makes the analysis complex. Class inequality sociologically influences the fragmentation of the society in bounds of what people own. The high class tend to dominate and control the society, this sparks off feelings of hatred. Consequently, riots dominate such a society (Steinberg 23). This was the case of America in 1992 where the owners of power were the people from high class; they are the ones who own businesses and as compared to the people from low class and this was even worse for the blacks. In this regard, it is very difficult to resolve the prevalent racial inequalities (Steinberg 29). Therefore, since the society is stratified into social class, ethnic groups, and forces of segregation, wiping away racial inequality becomes hard.

The Role of Whites in Promoting Race Riots

In summary, Steinberg brings out the clear cause of race riots and he basically shows how the whites are the most promoters of this. The video by Chris Hayes also explains how the culture of the whites precipitates race riots. The non-whites have been subjected to discrimination in that the whites considered themselves superior.

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