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Proposal for a invoice on reducing Tuition fees and increasing greater education student loans
Education is very important for the success of any country. Today, the greater education i.e. college and university schooling is one of the main drivers of the socioeconomic mobility in the US and lack of such education can be a barrier to many in achieving the American Dream. Each American pupil deserves the right to high quality schooling as it is key to opportunities. Educated Americans will ensure that the workforce in the country is aggressive both internally and globally.
The quality of education in our country has been adversely affected the high tuition fees and lack of loans for the student in the higher education. Students from poor backgrounds are normally unable to complete higher education due to lack of fees (Mitchell, Michael et al.). Therefore it’s very important for the government to come up with a legislation of reducing tuition fees while at the same time raising the loans to students in higher education.

Most of the careers in the United States require training and education that are beyond high school. The number of students who begin their college studies and fail to complete within the stipulated periods has been increasing. One of the major reason contributing to the high number of drop outs in the higher education sector is the lack of fees. Tuition fees have also been in the rise due to the economic depressions that have been witnessed in the country (Geiger, Roger). When tuition fees are increased and the funding for higher education isn’t increased so as to address the high fees, many students find it very difficult to finance their studies and thus end up dropping out of school. Some of the drop outs get into crime and drugs leading to a social problem which affects all Americans. Therefore, if this issue isn’t addressed in the appropriate time, it can adversely affect the other aspects of life, both the economic and the social spheres of life (“College Affordability and Completion: Ensuring a Pathway to Opportunity”).

Due to the above negative effects of the high tuition fees and the lack of enough funding for the loans of students in colleges, it’s very important to come up with a legislation that will address the issue before it comes out of hand and creates a social crisis in the country (Quinton, Sophie).

As a member of the senate, its very important to come up with a bill that will cap the tuition fees that should be charged by all public and private schools. The government should pay part of the tuition fees in a move to ensure that education is affordable to any member of the society regardless of the economic status. Furthermore, the government should increase the funding that is given to students in the higher education. These students should be able to access interest free loans which are repayable once they get employed. This would ensure that their stay in the college is smooth and thereby reducing the high dropout rates being witnessed in the country. Under my proposed bill, students from poor backgrounds should be fully sponsored by the government. The government will be tasked with identifying those who are unable to afford the college fees and then setting aside a kitty for such. The responsibility of giving loans to students should be a role of both the federal and the state governments.

Every patriotic American should feel obliged to support this bill on noble cause. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Jay Joe

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