President Trump’s Speech

President Trump's Priorities

From President Trump’s speech, it is evident that he has a variety of priorities that he would implement during his term in office. To commence with, he stressed on reconstruction and refinancing of dying industries and allocation of resources to raise the crumbling infrastructure. He emphasized on free trade through advent of a level playing field for American agencies and employees. This ensures that American companies pay lower taxes, irrespective of its size.

Efforts Against Drug Epidemic

Secondly, he plans to completely eradicate the drug epidemic thru construction of a great wall across the Great Southern Border (CNN). Construction of the wall will be an fine measure against drugs and crime.

Investing in Military and Immigration Policies

Thirdly, among his key priorities is to invest in the military and also implement strict immigration rules. Execution of the immigration laws will ensure increased wages and increased employment opportunities for American citizens. Investing in the military ensures that national interest is protected and safety of American citizens is guaranteed. Allocation of adequate resources will ensure that the army recruits, organizes and trains soldiers to be skilled enough to sustain combat and stabilize operations in the country.

In his speech, Trump states: “We pleads Democrats, Republicans and the congress to save Americans from this imploding Obama Care disaster.” In my view, instead of repealing ObamaCare, he should concentrate on improving this initiative by the Obama administration. Instead of killing the Affordable Care Act, he should find ways to cut the costs and still maintain the current coverage levels (CNN). Secondly, he should focus on improving U.S. products and not punishing exporters. Instead of reducing the existing current account deficit by threatening foreign firms with border taxes, President Trump should focus on improving the quality of U.S .products. Thirdly, Trump should also focus on creation of jobs and elimination of huge student loan debt by employing the current jobless millennial.

Work Cited

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