President Donald Trump Describes Certain African, Haiti, and El Salvador as "Shithole" Countries

According to a report provided on Thursday, The American President Donald Trump described the Africa nations, El Salvador and Haiti as “shithole” nations during a meeting he had attended with the lawmakers. He had been presented with a proposal on restoring the immigrants’ protection policy for these regions which was part of a bipartisan immigration deal. Trump asked why they were letting the people from the shithole counties go to America. The White House indicated that indeed Trump called the regions shithole and he even went ahead to hard-line the immigration stance (Gambino, 2018). The following article will help examine the views on President Trump description of the certain African, Haiti and El Salvador as “shithole” countries.

The White House spokesman, Raj Shah, indicated that President Trump was fighting for the American people, unlike various Washington politicians who fight for other nations. There are some countries which have the merit-based immigration, and it is what Trump is trying to establish for America. Only the stronger and people who will contribute to the growth of the society and economy would be allowed in America and as long as they were willing to be integrated into the nation.

The immigrants from the third world countries do not question the payment they receive or the working conditions, and they end up threatening the lives of the hardworking Americans, according to Trump. He would not allow it and thus reject the temporary and dangerous measures being taken to stop immigrants from flowing to America. Trump required a permanent solution to the problem. He would do so by cutting the immigrants who went to America in pursuit of a better life through legal ways. The comments on these regions as “shithole” resulted in various reactions such as Trump being called a racist. The Illinois Congressman, Luis Gutiérrez who is a Democrat, indicated that they were aware President Trump hater people of color and thus a racist.

Trump received support from his fellow Republicans such as Senator Orrin Hatch from Utah who indicated that he was looking forward to more details from the president. He even supported the idea of welcoming only the best and brightest internationally, suggesting that it would make America very special (Gambino, 2018).

After the meeting with the lawmakers, there was no conclusion reached at containing the immigrants with no documents. The illegal immigrants fear that they will be deported back to their nations as America plans to get rid of those threatening the workforce. During the Obama period, illegal children were allowed to school and illegal immigrants to work which Trump decided to do away with by giving the lawmakers a deadline of six-months to solve the problem.

'There's no other word but racist': Trump's global rebuke for 'shithole' remark

President Trump questioned the reason why the Haiti, African and El Salvador citizens were being allowed to America yet they came from “shithole countries. These remarks made Trump to be branded as a shameful and shocking racist by different citizens and leaders. The following article will help determine the mixed reactions to the comments by President Trump and how he is a racist.

Referring some nations as shithole did not only create a shock in America but the entire world. It led to the summoning of the United States diplomats around the world so that they could respond on why Trump would make such offensive and harsh comments. According to the United Nations, Trump could only be described as a racist (Wintour, 2018. The Vatican, on the other hand, described his words as “particularly harsh and offensive.” The African Union made up of 55 nations indicated that Trump was “clearly racist.” To defend his comments, Trump indicated that he was only being “tough” on the immigration case. Senator Dick Durbin, a Democrat who was in the meeting, stated that the reports on the words used by Trump were entirely accurate and he used offensive words. The senator stated that Trump even used the words repeatedly.

Rupert Colville, the United Nations human rights spokesman indicated that Trump could only be described as racist in a Geneva briefing he held. Rupert Colville said that an entire continent could not be dismissed as “shithole” since the citizen in those nations are not white and therefore not welcome to America. The El Salvador president, Salvador Sánchez stated that the words used by Trump affected the dignity of the people of the nations. The Salvadorans were not in support of such negative comments about their country. The US embassy and American diplomats had to assure the El Salvador people of the respect they had for the nation. The United States envoy, Jean Manes indicated that he had the privilege of touring the beautiful nation and it was an honor working and living there, and any comments by Trump did not affect his commitment.

The United States chargé d’affaires to Haiti, Robin Diallo was called to meet Jovenel Moise, the Haitian president to discuss the remarks by Trump. Even the former resident in Haiti Laurent Lamothe was very disappointed and stated that Trump expressed lack of respect and ignorance. The United States ambassadors in different African countries were summoned such as in Uganda and Botswana to clarify the meaning of the term “shithole” and remarks were considered “unfortunate and regrettable.” The African Union stated that Trump was recalling the African enslavement in America. The remarks caused a rift between the third world nations and America (Wintour, 2018).        

Summary of the Articles

The immigration case in America has been ongoing for several months, and President Trump has been trying to do away with the illegal immigrants. Trump indicates that the illegal immigrants are taking away jobs from the American citizens and making most infrastructures such as healthcare systems worse. When Trump was sworn in, he indicated that his main aim was making America again by getting rid of the people who were illegally in the nation and improving the lives of the America. The third world nation people have been moving to America to look for a better life since there are industry jobs which are well paying. The way of trump to make America great again is through doing away with the third-world nation immigrants by only allowing the best and brightest. In a meeting with the lawyers where he was discussing the immigration policy, Trump questioned the reason why citizens from Africa, Haiti, and El Salvador were allowed in the nation, calling them “shithole.” The remarks sparked reactions internationally, and Trump was branded as a racist, hateful and ignorant.


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