President Abraham Lincoln

Sir Abraham Lincoln: The Best American President

Sir Abraham Lincoln is the sixteenth President of the United States; He was a lawyer and also a politician. He was once born on the 12th day of February 1809 and died on 15th of April 1865. A number of remarkable activities took place during the presidency of Lincoln. Such events encompass leading the country through its bloodiest civil war, and he dominated the country in a time of enormous political and constitutional crisis. As a result of his sizeable contributions to the American society, he has been remarked by as one of the greatest presidents of the United States. This study at this juncture shall center of attention on why he is considered the best American president.

What made him the best president?

Lincoln is clearly one of the greatest presidents ever to rule the United States. There is need to stress that whenever academicians carry out a ranking of who is the best American president, it is always certain that Lincoln will top the list. The reason behind the rating of Lincoln is because of his accomplishments and achievements before and during his presidency. First, Lincoln’s election could be considered the greatest show of tenacity in history. During his presidency, the democrats attempted to take his focus off the issue of slavery through the proposal of Kanas-Nebraska Act. However, Lincoln could not only see their dissuading move but was able to create a path out of the crisis. He issued the emancipation proclamation which ultimately led to the end of slavery in America. Lincoln could also be remarked for the passionate and fiery speech he delivered during the period of the Mexican War. This speech is still used as citations by biographers, and it is considered as a primary expedition into national consciousness (Holzer, 2004). The presidency of Lincoln could be described as crisis filled; with political and constitutional opposition being a primary feature of his regime. However he showed a high level of persistence in the face of the entire crisis never losing focus of his vision at any point.

Lincoln's Accomplishments and Achievements

Haven pointed out the above, there is need to also discuss of some of the accomplishment of Lincoln that are still referred to as reasons behind his greatest. Lincoln signed the Homestead Act; this law handed over land ownership rights to poor people. He initiated the Morrill land grants and this action lead to the creation of many universities in the United States. Lincoln could also be considered as the brain behind the current boom in the U.S economy. He established the United States national banking systems serving a base for a strong economic and financial network for the country. There is need to stress that one of the reasons why Lincoln is considered as the best American president is the role he played in ending the American civil war; Although he faced enormous pressure from the Democrats about the legality and the benefits of the war. He stocked to fighting the war, until it was won, and the country was united, (Hesseltine, 1972).


There is need stress that there have been many presidents in the history of the United States, and many of these presidents also accomplished great heights for the United States. However, Abraham Lincoln is considered as the best president because of the unique roles he played in history and how he united the nation in the face of political and constitutional crisis and his actions also led to the unification of the country after the civil war.


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