Political groups are thought of as coalitions of like-minded individuals working together to win elections and take power.

On execution, their opposing points of view were certain to clash. which might have sparked conflict and disagreements that might have brought the two nations to war.

A political organization with members from businesses and supporters that is run by one or more bosses and pays them for their job.

This is a party that is structured around shared social standings rather than concrete beliefs or benefits.

political organizations with a broad social-political philosophy.

Parties mainly provided assistance to the other local charities.

personal following is support given politically to a person on either the basis of network or popularity.

Two major parties Republicans and Democratic party are differently unique to other parties across the world as they are decentralized and democratic like. They hold elections and campaigns for their positions. Decentralization meaning power is Brocken down from the central down to local governments.

interest groups are considered as a group of people with common interests and influence laws and government through their promotion of their interests.

Types of interest groups are institutional and membership groups

Economic and Business Interest groups. Where interest ones are prominent for their economic interests while economic interest groups largely advocate economic benefits for their members.

Reasons for formation include creation of new redefined interests and economic development. Also Through Government policy.

Lobbies/ lobbyists are a form of advocating with intentions of trying to influencing the decisions that are made by the government by utilizing lobby groups or individuals. This include all kinds of attempts meant to influence officials and legislatures.

Political Action Committee are organizations that take actions politically pulling contributions or funds from donations and members and allocate them against or for their campaign candidate, legislation or initiatives on ballot.

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