Pluralism and parties with other interests

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In America, interest groups include a community of citizens with a shared interest in engaging in the development of public policy. They play an important role in the organization of voters, strengthening civic democracy and articulating popular views (Morone and Kersh 285). The top three interest group theories include theories of pluralism, hyperpluralism, and elitism. Interest groups are created by upper-class people in the society, according to the principle of Elitism. The theory of pluralism promotes plurality and equality among people, while the theory of hyperpluralism maintains that the supremacy of pluralism exceeds the power of governance, thereby resulting in clashes with regulation. Therefore, Pluralism is more persuasive since it advocates for democracy as an equitable balance between the government and the citizens (Morone and Kersh 290).
Firstly , Pluralism theory argues that interest groups are formed with the main agenda of power distribution. It focuses on how influence and power are distributed in a democratic style. The theory highlights that politics are predominantly a competition amongst groups. Thus, the major role of interest group is to ensure that citizens’ views are deliberated in a democratic way (Morone and Kersh 291). Pluralism perspective indicates that competition among the groups is present, and dominance of one a particular group is therefore eliminated. Indeed, the citizens and the government have a balance of power, thus making equality and democracy preserved. The group contributes to protecting citizens and bargaining over public policy.
Similarly, Elitism theory ascertains inequality in power distribution due to the domination of some groups. Basing the argument on Elitism perspective, the wealthy and the upper-class people have the highest power, being the groups with exceptional authority. The central role of the group is to protect the interests of the wealthy people in society at the expense of the ordinary citizens. However, the power is controlled by the corporations and politicians. Therefore, ordinary people are comparatively powerless and are highly influenced by the wealthy persons in the society. The group is undemocratic due to manipulation of other citizens. Therefore, the adverse impact on public policy is enhanced since the panel represents their interests rather than those of the citizens (Morone and Kersh 290).
Additionally, Hyperpluralism theory argues that in America, Pluralism has resulted in conflicts in government regulation due to excess control of the interest groups. According to this theory, the government policies lack direction since many teams acquire too much of what they need, thus becoming so prominent and weakening the government. The role of the group is to guarantee democracy through the massive presentation of the public opinions. Also, the group holds more power than the government, hence weakening governance through extreme Pluralism. From Hyperpluralism perspective, the groups have an adverse impact on the state at the expense of voicing citizen’s interests as well as the group interests.
In conclusion, I find Pluralism persuasive because it includes no government directives or interfere. Also, democracy in the state is highly preserved through the establishment of a balance between the citizen’s interests and the government regulation (Morone and Kersh 321). The interests of the individuals are well presented to the government by the interest groups in a democratic manner. However, according to Pluralism theory, the changes in politics are created without threatening and interference on the part of the government, which is contrary to Hyperpluralism theory. Also, equality among the members of the society is enhanced through voicing of public opinions, which is opposite to Elitism theory.

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Morone, J. & Kersh, R. By The People Oxford University Press, 2016.


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