Personal Philosophy of Student Success Paper

It’s every parent’s joy to see the success of his/her kids. One of the essential roles our parents have performed is to send us to schools in order to learn and learn. I dreamed of one day becoming a good person in life during my school life. I have been taught by my teachers that achievement is a prize you’re proud to earn. He added that a wise decision is important when selecting your profession to be a success. My standards and performance determinations were also high as a student. There is a perception that with education success in life is a must and therefore my Parents, family members, and the society were expecting the same from me. This made me take my education seriously since I didn’t want to take my parents down. My Parents ensured they gave me the required financial support to meet my daily expenses and also helps me emotionally especially during tough moments in school. Other key important things that make a student victorious is ensuring that you are always in time, participate in social matters, and creating good friends who can as well be of help at the time of need.

My strength in school was hard-working, persistence, self-esteem, and perseverance. Through hardworking, I was able to complete assignments in time and scoring the best grade. Whenever my friends try to take me down, they failed since I had the persistence of whatever I was doing. With self-esteem, I was able to be to carry on my studies thoroughly and delivered my well-researched assignment in time. In my college life, hardworking will enable me to complete my tasks as planned and perform them effectively and efficiently. I will be able to withstand all the challenges that I faced by perseverance. I was able to be consistency in my studies by being persistence. Hard work, persistence, self-esteem and determination will help me in my career by meeting the budget in time and also give me a hand to present neat and presentable work to the client.

For an individual with weakness, I need to come up with successful strategies like group discussions to assist me for easier and deeper understanding of various topics. I need to have proper time management that will ensure that my plans are complete within time limits. I also need prepare budget to prevent the misuse of funds. I have also initiated seminars in my career life to ensure that certain issues are sensitized. The way of communicating to our seniors, parents and even our colleagues by maintaining a healthy relationship is also important. Good study techniques to ensure proper allocation of time for the study. I have also considered doing extra-curricular activities to help to bring people together.

In Conclusion, I have learned to maintain discipline by ensuring I attend all the classes throughout the seminars. I have learned to be more organized, efficient, productive in my work, transparent, and convenient with the right decision-making.


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