Personal Narration and Literacy skill

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In life, exclusive people possess different skills that they used to gain their goals. Among the skills, that people utilize to move toward their life goals is literacy. Once one has the ability to use arithmetic, read, and write, he or she is considered as a literate person. However, it takes some degree of effort for one to become literate. This explains the reason why dad and mom take an initiative to have their children educated in an attempt to make them literate. Once this parental responsibility is accomplished, there is a certain degree of assurance that a child will an introduced advantage towards making his or her dreams come true or meeting their set personal goals.

Thesis statement: Literacy skills work as a catalyst to achieving career goals.

During my childhood, my dream was to be a great physician. This would enable me to work with most of the largest global health organizations with much ease. However, for one to go through that particular career path, fluency in English is a necessity. Additionally, the modern world requires one to know English in order to communicate fluently with all of his or her coworkers irrespective of the countries of origin of these respective people. To have this skill, one needed to go through very good junior schools. Luckily, I was taken to a medium school, which equipped me with some good elements of English language. During my teenage, I still maintained my main goal of becoming a physician. My desire to become a physician was not only due to that fact that the job pays well, but also wanted to keep moving abroad much easily. As any other professional employee working for a global organization, I thought that being a physician in one of the famous health organizations would enable me to keep traveling abroad. Being from one of the medium schools, I was able to emerge the best student in the debate that was organized by my School’s Literature Club in my home country, India. I won a scholarship to one of the best Physician’s college in the United States. While at the college, I managed to score 85% in the first test, (Kuh and Gonyea, 2003). This strengthened my confidence and I would see myself on the path to achieving my dream. With the mark mentioned above, I managed to secure the fifth position in the class. All the Instructors were overwhelmed by my performance, which they said had never happened in the college history for a non-native speaker to be among the best five students, (Ward, 2003). This attracted the attention of all the other remaining instructors, who started briefing me on how I would become the best physician in the globe. I followed all that they would tell me to do since their advice was giving me a direction towards my most wanted goal. During my last year, we had to find places, from where I would do my internship training. Fortunately, one of my instructors had a friend working with the biggest hospital in Canada, whom he requested for help in securing my internship placement, (Ward, 2003). The request managed to move in our favor, and I started training immediately after my final exams. My performance during the training impressed the top officials of the hospital, and it is due to this reason that I was retained as a junior Physician.

Significance of the accomplishment

Accomplishing the personal goal of becoming a physician was significant in numerous aspects. After being employed in the biggest hospital in Canada, I got a chance to meet new people who in one way or the other advised me on how my career would be developed further. Additionally, being employed in a big hospital exposed me to different cultures of people, who improved my cross-cultural communication, (Wigfield and ScEccles, 2000). The various cultures further taught me different ways in which one can positively interact and work together with people in a community with diverse cultures. In big organizations, workers are always sponsored to specialize in particular medical fields. From this offer, I managed to get sponsorship to further my education, which helped me gain advanced skills in the medical field, particularly in the use of electronic medical devices, (Santa, 2006). With this knowledge, I can prescribe accurately drugs to patients with a complicated illness that challenge the mental understanding of human beings.

Conclusion and recommendation

From the above discussion, it can be realized that effective literacy knowledge can greatly help one to achieve or accomplish his or her personal goals. Additionally, the topic helps parents to realize the significance of having their children educated in good schools to make them attain the advanced literacy basics. With literacy, one can highly utilize all the chances available to make him or her, what he or she ought to be. Therefore, the parents should make sure that their children are exposed to quality literacy learning as it can turn out to be a critical turning point for the career life of the child. Additionally, the teachers should encourage the students to keep practicing their literacy skills in their entire lives. These aspects imply that once one is interested in becoming somebody, and has the literacy skills, they can help one attain it with much ease, (Tangney, Baumeister, and Boone, 2004).


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