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The Second World War took place between 1939 and 1945, a time during which many reforms occurred. The nations that directly engaged in the war had to focus on aircraft as a high-performance combat weapon. However, the conclusion of the war in 1945 brought a number of positive improvements to the opportunities in the market. In the earlier pre-war years, the aircraft development rate reached 6000 aircraft a year (Joe, 2015). The era during which the war took place and the period that followed saw an increase in demand. The industry was the only one to develop as other industries failed. The other important factor that one can consider is the increased employment opportunities for citizens. America for instance produced aircraft in specific areas but after the Second World War the industry was nationalized. The players in the industry however faced various challenges, one being complex designs. The other challenge that faced the industry was lack of expertise. The increased production was not in line with man power available at the time proving a challenge. Nationalization of the industry also made it difficult for parts produced to be standardized.

The aircraft manufacturing industry ended up being one of the most progressive industries based on improved designs. Much improvement had not been made on designs the period before start of the war. The engines for instance had to be designed to accommodate the huge aircrafts that were in production. The increased use of aircrafts also demanded new models to be designed to increase numbers transported. An opportunity in expansion came as a result of increased use. It is hence clear that; end of the Second World War played a huge role in improving designs in production (Joe, 2015).

The aircrafts manufactured before the Second World War had low performance as the industry had not yet matured. The military aircraft for instance were designed to fly at certain altitudes similarly to commercial aircraft. The end of the war however pushed engineers to design high performance aircrafts. The engine performance for instance increased after the Second World War due to demands. Commercial planes for instance had to travel for long distances with increased demand. The Second World War in this case played a huge role in improving the overall aircraft industry.

The other factor that was put into consideration was materials used to produce various parts of the aircraft. The engine is the most important part as it helps in propulsion of the airplane. The turbo fan was introduced in a turbo jet in a bid to reduce the amount of fuel used per trip. Metal monocoque, a lighter metal was used to make the outer casing of the airplane due to increased airspeed (Joe, 2015). The interior material such as seats and interior designs used leather and other fabrics. The various improvements in material used were as a result of increased research in the field.

In a period of five years during which the war occurred, various improvements were made on airplanes one being increased production. The period before the war the aviation industry was ranked 41st, although this improved after the war (Joe, 2015). The various car manufacturing industries in United States were converted to airplane manufacturing industries. The new planes in development also had higher performance levels. It became possible for planes to make longer journeys without making a stop.


Joe, M. (2015). American Bomber Aircraft Development in World War 11. Air Power History, vol. 62, (2), 5-107.

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