Perception and Feeling

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I had to challenge some of the concepts I felt were just common sense after this week’s lesson on feeling and interpretation and the interaction with reality discussed in Ted Talk. What science said seemed to logger’s heads for once in my life, with what I felt was an unquestionable fact. In such an organized manner, it is incredible how the human brain functions to make sure it gives us a picture of everything we see or feel and finally encounter or interpret. One critical lesson learned which I agree with to a large extent is that what we perceive only delivers a fraction of what is contained within the very stimuli that give us the perceptual experience (Ted Talk, n.d.). Taking an example of the colours we attach to objects, I am not from the school of thought that they are just an illusion. It does not make sense that an object would only seem to have a particular color because of reflectance which would mean they are not real. Science though argues for this kind of reasoning with one plausible explanation being the fact that we are only able to visualize a small fraction of the light spectrum in the first place. It is therefore possible that there are nuances we are not able to appreciate. Furthermore, in the absence of light, we are not able to see and things take a ‘dark’ or ‘black’ form. Just because we cannot see does not mean the objects cease to exist!

On that point, casting aspersions on the reality of solidity for me misses the mark completely. As long as our eyes are able to appreciate the presence of objects, then their existence should not be questioned if they indeed occupy space. The visual pathway is one thing and the integration to information in form of an image is another. Reality therefore, in my own thoughts should not be a radical thing as Mr. Konstantinou for example tries to make it sound, as we may risk claiming that even our very existence is an illusion (Yantis, 2013).


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