Pedro Paramo by Juan Rulfo

Pedro Páramo

Pedro Páramo is a novel by Mexican writer Juan Rulfo about a man named Juan Preciado, who promises to visit his father in Comala, but instead finds himself in a deserted ghost town. The story takes a number of different turns throughout the novel, including the author's own enlightening revelations. Ultimately, Pedro Páramo is a wry and touching look at the nature of family, relationships, and self-destruction.


The Story of Pedro Paramo is about a man who lives in Spain in the 17th century. Pedro is a rich man and he builds his empire with his family's wealth. When his father dies, Pedro marries Dolores Preciado. Their son keeps their mother's maiden name and grows up to become a respected banker. Pedro also kills two of their sons.


In the novel, the narrator reflects on the various personalities in his life. Pedro is married to the mysterious Dolores Preciado, who wishes she were a crow and could fly to her sister's house in the city. Dolores is a wealthy widow, and Pedro does not have the money to give her a divorce. He employs a mercenary to protect him and also rapes several women. Pedro also refuses to take care of his wife, Susana, because he does not have the money to take care of her. He also refuses to let anyone else manage the village.


The story begins in 1880, when Pedro, a poor landowner, marries Dolores Preciado. Using her money, Pedro begins to build an empire. His only son is born with her maiden name. He eventually kills his third son to keep his own name. In the process of setting himself up as a wealthy man, Pedro destroys his own village and kills many of the people who live there.


The novel, Philosophy of Pedro Páramo, explores the idea of time as a continuum and a singular experience, while at the same time revealing the complexity of human consciousness. In this novel, only the dead speak, and the living are relegated to the voiceless. While the concept of time is fundamental to Páramo's philosophical approach, it also challenges the conventional notions of time, death, and rebirth.

Narrative style

Juan Rulfo uses a fragmented narrative style to tell his story in Pedro Páramo. The fragments vary in time and perspective, so that the reader is forced to interpret each part of the story for themselves. For example, the story on page twelve begins with Pedro thinking about his mother, Susana, when he was young. Obviously, he and Susana had a relationship, but their friendship was strained over time.

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