Parent-Community Involvement Strategy

Establishing a sturdy collaborative relationship in a school setup is of great significance in developing a strong mastering ground for the children. Families need to get worried in the education of their children. Having a collaborative relationship between the families, colleagues and community agencies, improves the prerequisites in which learning takes place in a school. The collaboration enhances the stage of decision-making as well as the decision made in a faculty to support education. Moreover, the collaboration brings about great solidarity among the school member, in case a trouble arises, the families ad neighborhood agencies can offer clear options to the problems at hand.
Involving parent neighborhood plan in the school is of great importance and much stronger as compared to the use of parent involvement in isolation. The use of parent-community plan enhances the learning of the children in school. The community and the parents will offer collaborative ideas on issues of improving discipline in the school and decision-making process (Corter and Pelletier, 2005). Moreover, use of parent-community plan is not only essential for academic excellence but can also influence the life of the child way beyond academic life. Therefore, there is need to advocate for involvement plan between different parties in the education sector to improve the achievement of the children regardless of their background, status, economic and education. They will have a chance to excel both academically and in issues related to life, as they will get an opportunity to learn more about social life. The families and the communityKingdom Seekers Day school has a total population of more than eight hundred students. The school has a diversified level of education in so doing it is a diverse educational program in the area. Most of the children in this school are disciplined and have a clear vision when doing their schoolwork. Various community households some of which has their children learning in the school surround the school. The families are supportive of their children. They parents show much concern about their children’s education as compared to how the school management could imagine (Hyson and Biggar, 2006). The families are of medium economic status, as most of the families or community households depend on farming as their way of improving the economic situation. Most of the homes in this area are black Africans while other are Indian investing in the region. They have diversified religion some are Christians while others are Muslims. Few Hindus are also residing in this region. Furthermore, there is diversity in linguistics and ethnicity among the members and communities in the area. Understanding the characteristics of the community within the Kingdom Seekers Day school will be of help in developing the parent-community relationship plan that will improve the status of education in the school. Respectful relationships and ethical standardsParent-community involvement plan supports the families and the communities by use of respectful relationships. For the scheme to be successful, there is need to include differentiated ways that would help the families and the communities by use of respectful and proper relationships. The plan will need to consider all the perspectives and criteria of families and community people living around the school. The families comprise individuals who cannot speak English either do they have the capacity to communicate. In this case, the plan will have to consider communication strategies that will ensure that the families have the ability to understand the proceedings of the school (Riojas and Cataldo, 2015). The plan will include a translator who will be available in all the parent community meetings in the school, to ensure that every participant can contribute their ideas that will better the present situation in the school. An individual may not be having academic knowledge but can offer ideas that can bring tremendous changes. Moreover, the plan will consider the presence of families with financial limitations. The registration funds for the plan will be free, and if any funds are applicable, it will be affordable to all families and communities in the region. It will ensure that every person interested in the plan have the chance to participate. The disabled with receiving first priorities in all the benefits of the scheme. For example, during the parent community meetings, the plan will offer transportation mechanism to ensure that the disabled does not miss the forums. The community includes people from various religious backgrounds. In so doing, there is need to avoid the level of diet that is not applicable to some of the religions. The plan will ensure that diet of each person is respected. The Muslims will have to take meals that are pork free as it is their lifestyle and religious way of living according to them. Apart from the respectful relationships, the plan will also adhere to standards for ethical practices. The plan will take a clear approach in dealing with communication strategies (NAEYC, 2011). Use of proper standards of communication and best ethical practices will ensure the smooth running of the plan to achieve the desired objective to the school management and performance. The plan will make sure that there is a detailed approach to the best way of communicating with different individuals. All the persons involved in the scheme will have adequate opportunities to enable them to understand and express their desired based on their health and well-being, to offer them the right chance to offer their ideas. More, the plan will also ensure using the right channel for passing and transferring information for the comfort of every member of the scheme. Community strength and resourcesThe primary goal of the scheme is to come up with an approach that recognizes and builds several strengths as well as a community resource to help in developing the relationship between the child and family. In the process of drafting the plan, there is an absolute need for identifying the strengths and resource to meet the structure of the element. The school has several program underway for the benefits of the parents or the families. The school has created translation services for the parents. In so doing the parents who attend the meetings and are not English proficient, have the capacity the information of the meeting on a similar ground as those parents who understand English (Coleman, 2012). Moreover, the Kingdom Seekers School, have English classes for the parents who wish to improve their English understanding level. The program takes place during the holidays when the children are off from school. The program offers to improve the literacy standards of the surrounding communities and families. Additionally, the school is not working so hard to support the after school programs. The programs include a short course in desired fields. Most of the programs have basic of computer knowledge. It ensures that the children and the parents enrolled in the school have the capacity to operate the computer. With such programs, the school ends up having direct labor, which might be more affordable as compared to the skills hired from a distant region. The school comprises of two community organizations that work in collaboration with families in the school to attain the desired objectives and goals. When I was developing the parent-community involvement plan, I utilized the two organizations to gather the right information, as they were closer to the school functions. Therefore, the two organizations were my major fieldwork sites. The community agencies include Wisdom and Hope Community organizations (Hyson and Biggar, 2006). The organizations had profound and detailed information concerning the nature of the surrounding environment. The agencies also had multiple plans that they intend to participate in with the intention of strengthening the parent-community relationship. Out of the information they had, I was able to extract the strategies for the plan. The plan for parent and community involvementParenting The plan of parent-community focus on various measures that assist the parents and families to gain a more profound understanding of child development. The plan will encourage a direct and frequent communication with the parents and their children every day concerning the school and the learning the get in school. While at the hole the parents can foster the development by helping their children with home works and ensuring that the children have several hours daily for personal studies. Better parenting strategies will improve the level of knowledge among the children and as well as the parents. Communicating The plan intends to motivate the parents to purchase diaries for their children, where they can record all the activities and the challenges they experience in their learning process. When the children come up home, the parents need to ensure that they look at the activities of the day. Use of diaries will facilitate the communication strategy between the children and their parents. With the use of diaries, the children will not forget any situations that they encountered in school. Volunteering The parents have various volunteering channels that improve their rate of involvement in the school community. First, the parents can volunteer to be the parent representative of a given class in school. The parent will take care of the welfare of the class. Secondly, the parents can volunteer by offering excess food to the school to cut off the cost of purchasing food for the children. Finally, they can volunteer by proposing to be involved in different clubs in the school based on their talents. Like for example, a parent who is good in music instruments can take mandate of training some of the interested students on playing musical instruments. Learning at home The plan also intends to help parents in supporting their children learning with schoolwork at home. The plan will offer the strategies that will help the parents improve the learning schedules of their children at home at improving the rate at which they do their schoolwork. First, the parents can demonstrate their involvement in their kids learning the process by reading together with the children. Additionally, to ensure that they do their assignments and homework the parents can help their children to do their homework. Decision-making Decision-making process of great importance in the involvement plan. However, the parents need several channels that will enable them to involve directly in the decision-making process. The parents can join several organizations in the school such as Parents Teachers Association. Moreover, the plan will offer a platform for informal committees such as the development committee in the school that will give them a direct process of participating in decision-making. Collaborating with the community The plan will also offer a platform to ensure collaboration between the parents and the community. The plan will assist the parents and relatives to learn about the access of resources and services. The school community has several resources that of great importance for the families. The school library is of great significance to not only the children but also the parents. The involvement plan will ensure that the parents can access the school library with ease. Additionally, the school playing ground is also a resource that the families can access. The plan will also offer the required strategies for the parents to access the school playing fields. ConclusionIn conclusion, an involvement plan is of importance in ensuring the academic success for the children. Each class in the school nee o have a parent who will help in creating the relationship between the parents and the teachers as well as the community. The parents and the teacher will be instrumental in passing information concerning the school to avoid confusions. The parents will facilitate their talents to the children to improve their relationship. By use of the involvement plan, the children will increase their classroom performance, hence a brighter future. Moreover, the families and the parents will have an opportunity to interact directly with the school management and the children. From the research, I have learned that several gaps exist in schools that reduce the rate at which schools are putting the emphasis on parents-community involvement. Moreover, there are no plans to guide such processes. With an idea of having an adaptable parent-community plan, there is no have clear and precise writing of the scheme accompanied with adequate designing. With a deep research, precise writing, and design result into a straightforward and easy to implement involvement strategy. ReferencesColeman, M. (2012). Empowering family-teacher partnerships: Building connections within diverse communities. SAGE Publications.Corter, C., & Pelletier, J. (2005). Parent and community involvement in schools: Policy panacea or pandemic? International handbook of educational policy, 295-327.Hyson, M., & Biggar, H. (2006). NAEYC’s standards for early childhood professional preparation: Getting from here to there. Critical issues in early childhood professional development, 283-308.National Association for the Education of Young Children. (2011). NAEYC code of ethical conduct and statement of commitment. Retrieved from, M., & Cataldo, R. (2015). Using Children’s Literature to Understand Values, Traditions, and Beliefs within Latino Family Systems. Multicultural Literature for Latino Bilingual Children: Their Words, Their Worlds, 83.AppendixAppendix 1: Types of involvementsAppendix 2: parent, family and community engagement framework

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