Outpatient pediatric population

The Importance of Analyzing Milestone Achievements for the Outpatient Pediatric Population

The fundamental reason for analyzing milestone achievements for the outpatient pediatric population is to determine their health state and compare it to prior ones. If the patient's health improves, the practitioner may be able to provide additional beneficial treatment. If not, the medical attendant must offer an alternative remedy to ensure the client's health improves. Tobin and Doolittle (2017) state that reviewing milestones is a good way to provide indirect monitoring to patients. Assessment aids in the prevention of illness transmission from one pediatric patient to the next since the signs and symptoms can be documented ahead of time. Secondly, the evaluation of milestones enables the medical practitioner to make an informed decision when prescribing a drug or treatment. The procedure also enhances record keeping, therefore ensuring the prevention of the occurrence of various diseases in patients. The evaluation can then be stored and used in future treatment of the client. Through the assessment, a family nurse practitioner can easily establish some of the conditions a person is susceptible to and the ways to prevent them. The parents of the pediatric patient are therefore become aware of the medical problem of their children and understand what is required of them.

The Benefits of Milestone Evaluation

Thirdly, the evaluation ensures the proper understanding of the patient’s conditions. It becomes the case when the medical attendant who provided treatment the last time is not available. Evaluating milestones achievements help to provide a good transition. Choe and Knight (2016) indicate that the procedure guarantees patient’s safety as the decision regarding client’s treatment will be informed. Understanding the medical condition of the patient through evaluating milestones achievements helps to improve the health conditions of the customers.


Choe, J.H., & Knight, C.L. (2016). Shortening the miles to the milestones: Connecting EPA-based evaluations to ACGME milestone reports for internal medicine residency programs. Journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges, 91(7), 943-950.

Tobin, D., & Doolittle, M.D. (2017). Modifying the primary care exception rule to require competency-based assessment. Journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges, 92(2), 331-344.

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