Origins and Characteristics of Medieval Courtly Love

This article will explore the origins and characteristics of Medieval courtly love and its literature. The first section of the article discusses the best man, the man who serves the lady the best. This man was often the best suitor of the lady. The second section focuses on the best man's role in the wedding. This man served the lady best by serving her in her role as best man. After you've read the article, you should be able to better understand how courtly love was portrayed in the Middle Ages.

Medieval courtly love

One of the most well-known themes of the Middle Ages is courtly love. This kind of love pervaded both poetry and prose and was a significant feature of medieval society. Though few people are familiar with medieval poetry, this theme made its way into both religious lyric and prose. Even secular poetry often included imagery related to the Virgin and courtly love. If you are looking for information on medieval love, the following articles will help you to understand the meaning behind courtly love.


Origins of courtly love is a topic of intense debate. Some argue that courtly love originated in the twelfth century in France, while others contend that it had nothing to do with love at all. It was a social system where the successful marriage brought material benefits and romance was gained outside the marriage. But there is some truth to both sides of the argument. Regardless of the origins of courtly love, the following information will help you understand its history.


There are many types of love, but one of the most common types is courtly love. Courtly love began in the eleventh century and was an experience that was a mix of spiritual attainment and erotic desire. It was passionate and disciplined, yet very human. Courtly love was popular among troubadours, minnesanger, and other major writers. Here are some common characteristics of courtly love:


The literature on courtly love has a long history, dating back to the Middle Ages. The twelfth-century work of Andreas Capellanus, De Amore, described the art of loving in Provence. It followed in the tradition of Ovid's Ars amatoria and the Muslim work Tawq al-hamamah. In Elizabethan times, themes of courtly love took on comic and serious forms.

Impact on Church traditions

The concept of courtly love is a popular subject in medieval literature, and there are many debates about whether it is a legitimate literary ideal or not. There is also the question of how to interpret the erotic language used in these works. Many scholars view the literature in a negative light, arguing that it has a harmful impact on the church. However, the literature of the Middle Ages is a rich source for understanding courtly love and the impact it has had on church traditions.


The literature of courtly love has a long history, but it has also come under scrutiny recently. John Stevens has called courtly love "a pretense and a fiction" and argues that it is an archaic form of attraction. It has also been criticized as having no real purpose in human relationships. However, it has an important social function. For example, it facilitates inter-class communication and fosters social order.

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