Organizing,Planning and Controlling

Organizational Management

Organizational management involves organizing the different tasks aimed at meeting the objectives and objectives mentioned. These tasks include preparation, monitoring, staffing and organization, which play an important role in the overall performance of the organization.


Planning requires setting out a course of action that involves the means to be used to achieve the objectives set out. According to Koontz and O'Donnell, preparing addresses questions about whether, where, and how and also about the present state and the planned or predicted state as to where the company should be located. Planning plays a significant role in facilitating decision-making and problem-solving, whereby strategies for achieving set goals are laid down. A plan gives a clear picture of what needs to be done thus efforts are directed to specific objectives. It also reduces risks by analyzing possible outcomes and taking precautions in advance given that the future is always uncertain. Another important function of planning is outlining clearly the course of action and how the various departments ought to coordinate thus reducing cases of overlapping and wastage of resources. Lastly, planning encourages creativity and innovativeness where new ideas are generated in a bid to explore or expand the operations of an organization (Dutton, & Duncan, 2004).


Organization entails combining the factors of production that is human, financial and physical resources in a way that they are in line with the objectives of the organization and thus achieve the set goals. According to Henry Fayol organization involves identifying and classifying various duties and assigning the duties. It also involves delegating authority and defining responsibility (Management Concepts & Organisational Behaviour, n.d.). Organizing helps to clearly define the roles of every person according to their area of expertise which ultimately leads to specialization and ensures that there’s a smooth running of activities in the various departments as coordination is enhanced. There also comes a sense of security when the delegation of duties is done with clarity where one can focus on growing and performing. The organization structure also clearly defines authority and powers and thus creates efficiency and consequently increased productivity (Schraeder, Self, Jordan, & Portis, 2014).


Controlling function of business management involves analyzing the current performance, comparing it with the projected performance then identifying the deviations and working to minimize the differences. Controlling plays the role of indicating the flaws in the management and also proposes the solution to such problems (Pal, n.d.). It also promotes coordination by facilitating a flow of information between the workers and the manager which also leads to decentralization and motivates employees by raising confidence levels. Controlling also entails evaluating results which help to avoid making same mistakes in the future by planning better (Banerjee, 2017).


the functions of management are all interrelated, and they also overlap but all work to meet the objectives of the organization.


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