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I’m working with a functional department. Due to the suitability of its organizational structure, XYZ has respectable industrial leadership requirements. It is clear that the management and leadership efficiency of an organisation is influenced by an organization structure. Different factors, such as communication, transition, leadership and other essential elements decide how business performance is structured to meet the needs of businesses (Daft, 2001). That is why XYZ has developed into an organizational structure which integrates established business needs. The functional framework has contributed to the achievements of the organization. The company has readily optimized processes that determine the quality of its goods and services.
The functional structure has its merits, however, it still has weaknesses. XYZ as mentioned above due to its structure has enhanced its operational performance. It means that all the skills, knowledge, and infrastructure in the organizations are shared equally where the superiors and subordinates share a common ground. Through XYZ careers are bound to grow, the functional structure in many ways promotes better career development criteria (Morgeson, DeRue, & Karam, 2010). Despite the structure being a hierarchical one everyone one has been given equal chance to participate in team building, hence, developing their careers. The functional structure is a hierarchical scheme that follows protocol but nonetheless considers everyone regardless of the rank as equals. XYZ company ensures that I am able to speak to the president of the company despite being a subordinate employee. The functional system in XYZ means that organizational structures are grouped based on functions. For example, the company has an HR department, marketing department, and a finance department. These kinds of units are at the top levels of the organization. All the named functional groups have been mandated to perform specific functions. The overall performance of XYZ organization is dependent on how well the system copes with the challenges that it faces.

In contrast to the success that the company has been accredited for, it still faces challenges due to the structure that it has decided to use. The process of communication is slow due to the various steps that have to be passed to give a message (Jones, 2010). It is this inadequacy that the company has realized a slow response. It means that any changes that may happen have to be communicated in a particular manner which affects the company negatively. Arguably, one factor that has raised debate is the issue of restrictiveness. As mentioned the system is hierarchal whereby every functional unit has a role to play (Jones, 2010). It means that most of the times the different levels make it difficult for high awareness of the overall performance of the organization.

Learning how functional system works in XYZ company has helped me to reflect more on what functional system entails. It involves more than what the CEO, HR, and other levels of the organization think but rather what the entire unit reason together. There have been problems as mentioned above regardless the company has ensured it has responded to the issue at hand within the shortest time possible to prevent functional collapse. The company has guaranteed that it has distributed equal chances to every employee. When there are queries or problems, there is the existence of proper channels that has to be followed to deal with the problem.


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