Only American No life stories Radio Show

Only American - No life stories American life is an American broadcasting station that presents stories to be heard by their audience. Stories that are being broadcasted are very emotional and touching. The records used throughout the show are produced by mixing the speech of software recognition as well as transcribers, and they may likely contain errors. This show mainly broadcasts stories that seem like a coincidence, and at some point, it is no coincidence indicating there is no story. Ana Melany: Hello, here is Ana speaking. Becker Khan: Hi, Ana. This is Becker talking from the American. Ana Melany: How are you doing? Becker Khan: Fine, thanks for asking. And you? Ana Melany: I'm doing great. Becker Khan: before we go on Ana, This is Radio broadcasting station, The American from Chicago. My name is Becker Khan. You are going to hear a story the same way I heard it, and it is more of a coincidence story as I perceive it. Becker Khan: Ana I am very curious about what you are about to tell. Please I am all years you can proceed on. Ana Melany: Okay then, the story begins, during the time I was a freshman in high school at the Faculty of Bozeman_x0097_Becker Khan: Oh really, is Bozeman situated or located in Montana? Ana Melany: Of course. By that time I was in the orchestra. At the earliest times of my life in the school when I was a freshman, I had started making many friends and socializing with many people, but I had not made friends with the orchestra. So a time came when we were going for a trip with the band group, and it became a little bit tricky for me. Becker Khan: Actually when someone is a freshman, the situation automatically qualifies to be termed as a demi-crisis. It is due to the bus ride that headed to Seattle, again when it comes to accommodation option; you proceed on to share the same room of the hotel with a stranger you never known before. But relief came due to the existence of another girl by the name, Linda. Linda together with Becker pairs up together since they had become friends in common and therefore decide to tie a knot of friendship in the orchestra group. They then proceed to be riding along to Seattle and even booking the same hotel room and sharing the room (Campbell, Converse, & Rodgers, 1976). Ana Melany: when we now headed to Seattle, the situation felt rather irrelevant, this is due to the new friendship that we had just formed. Therefore trying to come together, getting to understanding each other was a bit tricky. Becker Khan: Okay. Ana Melany: then came a particular place which was like a carnival place besieging all place. At this, we are found playing many little games in the area where we were able to win Poopatroopers. Oh, do you have knowledge on what kind of people or things are they? Becker Khan: Not really. Ana Melany: it's Ok. Poopatropers are just some small plastic-like soldiers that with them they have plastic parachutes. Therefore, you are required to drop this soldier from a given point, and then their parachute will expand then_x0097_ Becker Khan: Sure, what did you say the there name was again? Ana Melany: I termed them as Poopatroopers. Becker Khan: is this real? At this time I never believed Ana about this funny name, but to her stand, she seemed serious about it. It might be true. It is called Poopatroopers. Ana Melany: Okay I checked the name by googling it then looked at the images and then came with the conclusion. Becker Khan: It's Okay, then is this name a generic one or just a brand name? Ana Melany: Okay to my perspective, I think the name is brand name since I also see this as being an Imperial Poopatropers, possibly? [BECKER LAUGHS] Becker Khan: you say his highness? A four-star general Poopatrooper? Ana Melany: Yeah, Sure. Becker Khan: ok then back to the point of the story. At this time Ana and Linda her new friend goes forth to the uppermost part of the Seattle Space Needle at where they try to win various prizes. Ana Melany: we then reached the top of the Seattle Space Needle by use of an elevator where we were able to release out soldiers above the edge. It happens due to lack of any avoidable circumstance. And everything was just fantastic, and it was_x0097_ we perceived it to be hilarious. And also thought it was a sort of break in the ice of our friendship. Becker Khan: Linda and Ana were able to make an association with strong bondages in their lifetime at the high school. Linda and Ana have seen again in the hotel room studying together at a particular orchestra trip to Reno, Nevada that's four years later of their life in the school. Ana Melany: in the chamber of the hotel in Reno, Nevada, we were studying with Linda at the same desk, only to our amusement to see a Poopatrooper flying towards the windowsill of the room from above the skies. We could not at that point believe this situation. We quickly took open the window and took the little soldier and went with it to the hall, to check for others members of the group as we thought someone could be playing some trick. But we were also surprised to find that even no one had an idea of what we were talking about as nobody could even remember the trip to Seattle and the events that took place (Kim, 1997). Becker Khan: at times, we get some coincidence stories and pitch them in the radio show, as they do not fit the week's format, but since they mean a lot to people, we are forced to set them aside. Ana Melany: I can't just describe what I found the situation to be because at a point I felt like being an atheist and at another point, I felt all the situation was God's intervention, and also felt the situation was comic and even greater than us. Becker Khan: Finally the story has just hit us. And if actually, we get more than we'll not hesitate to air them on the show as particular events. And then involve listeners to call and send their coincidence stories. Many did, and thus we put many of the stories on air and even interview many of the individuals at personal levels. Many people are prone to coincidence stories at young ages, particularly in the 20s. Coincidence also involved the grandmothers at the point. It is also possible to experience coincidence near Netherlands (Jacobs, 2016). Clare Flora: The first time we met, the guy said he was born in [INAUDIBLE]. If that's the situation, I said yes, and replied, me too. Then when time came for getting married, and a married certificate was needed, meaning our documents were supposed to be present. In comparing the documents, in surprise, it was in the same building. Becker Khan: at times we get to hear of stories like a lost film has been discovered and coincidently finding them in the stomachs of decomposing hyenas. It was all about the man who found his missing shirt from a knapsack of a Slovakian stranger. Also a story about a woman who got involve in a date between two people of the same name at the same time. Another story was about a student who just goes a car crash at the verge of rushing to school. Only to be amused in finding the person who first stopped and came to her rescue was her father who lives some four hours away from her. Another story of my like is the story about an individual woman named Mill Henderson, who felt some nausea on the subway at the New York City. When they were almost getting into the second stop, the garbage can which was at the right location on the way coincidently came to her rescue. Mill Henderson: Actually when the train doors were open, as I get out I felt it was coming out as I was throwing up. And looking in front of me, I saw one person walking towards me, and seems to be having the same problem. That time I was throwing up in the can, the other guy was also throwing up, so it was like, were now throwing up simultaneously in the same can, and looking at each other, we were like a, whoa. And asking some curious question, like I can't imagine how you are feeling right now, okay she's like, I,m feeling a bit relieved now. Okay, then I also find myself in the same situation. Becker Khan: was it that the only way to survive in front of a subway is just throwing up in the same can full of strangers? You can have a teen of your age and do the same thing with her and count the number of coincidences. Another woman once gave a story on how once during a Thanksgiving together with the family, that all the six people had exact numbers in their name's letters which totaled up to 12 letters. Cate Van Putte: Mike Van Putte, Danny Van Putte, Wily Van Putte, Rose Van Purtte_x0097_ Becker Khan: there also existed a confident man who always conducted some small surveys and he was forced to ask those he was interviewing their phone numbers, it is then common that the interviewee will start saying his/her number like, 922-44-5_x0097_ The man: when the guy read his name until the last digit, and the guy said eight as his final number. In realizing the whole number, I said Ok, but I hit back and challenged the guy telling him, I'm sorry, but this figure does not belong to you. The man then asked why I was exclaiming that the number isn't his. And I replied that the phone number belong to me. The man then also says that the phone number is mine. I said again that the phone number that you said belongs to me. Becker Khan: this other story then comes to my imagination when I recall a particular old Chinese adage that I heard. I learned this saying some two weeks ago, but I cannot determine whether it was an old saying. Yeng: [speaking mandarin] Becker Khan: that's a friend of mine from China Yeng: [speaking mandarin] Becker Khan: therefore, if there is no coincidence in this story then there is no story. Becker khan: summarily, no coincidence, no story Yeng: implying that life is all, but I actually can't know the developed ways into which we cannot depict this. Becker Khan: ok does it mean upon hearing a story without a coincidence you will be like if there is no coincidence, then there is no story. Is that what you are implying? Yeng: of Course Yes, It's just like an expression you are using to quote this. Becker Khan: is this a hard this hard to say? Yeng: greatly, I think that's not true, it won't be hard to tell. Becker Khan: do you always use this? Yeng: Yeah actually when I'm corny, I use it. Becker Khan: the today's topic on the show_x0097_no life stories. All the stories aired on the air are all verified as true stories. And through a full disclosure, I came to a conclusion on assigning the topic as no coincidence no story. It is because I believe that coincidence can be a coincidence and nothing else. I did this through judging my weakness and also countered my eyes wide open on the probability that was presented statistically. And ending this, okay stay with us (McAdams, 2001). Another act which involves grandmas. Greg Oliver is recently residing in Nicaragua. We were able to contact each other through Skype. About two months ago, Sarah caught herself on the phone with one of his friend Fabiola who in short goes by the name, Fabi. On the phone he talks about the wallpaper or rather the screen saver which is on the display of his phone, exclaiming that it has always been there for decades and was on the verge of changing it. Greg Oliver: so I happened to ask Fabi to send me a picture of any kind that I can use instead. Amazingly she went forth and posted a photo of her when she was a little kid taking it as a joke. Okay, I was just like, yeah. It was joke anyway. I never expected that and try to imagine the fun in the story. Then when I was taking a glance at the photo, I then saw my grandma walking right behind her. Becker Khan: what? Really? Greg Oliver: yeah. Is that so crazy? Becker Khan: that's very crazy. The photo was taken like 20 years ago. But you were able to recognize this instantly. Greg Oliver: Absolutely yes. I never doubted that was Grandma Sarah. It was her Grandma Sarah. Becker Khan: such like coincidence are always accompanied with a lot of craziness in it. For instance, Greg is from the state of Michigan, and this is where he met Fabiola. But on the contrary, it's astonishing to come to realize that Fabiola's family is not even from the Michigan state. Greg Oliver: Fabiola and her family are actually from the Utah city. Becker Khan: is that where they grew up? Greg Oliver: Of Course, yes. That's the city they grew up in. Becker Khan: so meaning the photo was taken from Utah? Greg Oliver: Not really. On the contrary, my Grandma stays in Melbourne, Florida. Then I'm thinking that she might have been in Utah some time back and passed with the picture. On the other hand, Fabi is insisting that the photo was taken Vancouver Island in Parksville at Canada. Becker Khan: Oh no. this is not making sense. What? Greg Oliver: But that's the reality. Becker Khan: at this point, Greg was able to realize that the same time when his grandmother, Sarah had gone for a trip to visit the relatives of his husband is the same time that Fabi and his family set for a vacation at the same place in Vancouver. Greg Oliver: what be some of the chances that, am not only meeting Fabi but also she is sending me a picture that contains my grandmother in the background? Becker Khan: I also can't figure out the chances. Are they cursive? Greg Oliver: Surely? Can that be the situation? Becker Khan: Yeah, Sure! Greg Oliver: And that's not only the case, how I wish you could have a view of the picture. Grandma Sarah was right behind her. Becker Khan: Actually at this moment, a colleague of mine who is also a producer at the station send me the photo through the mail. And looking at it, was a beautiful, five-year-old Fabi standing in the foreground of the picture. And just right behind Fabi was a blue-eyed, blond woman captured walking and on her attires was a blue short with a top matching the short (Goodson, 1995). Greg Oliver: and another funny thing about this picture and the situation is that my Grandma has no idea that she appears in the photo. Becker Khan: Yeah, it might be true she can't be aware of this. But what I can say regarding this is that this is not a very clear photo. Surprisingly I'm failing to understand how you were to recognize her instantly. Greg Oliver: Okay, yeah you are right. But there is a lot in common the woman in the photo has with my grandma. It is my grandma. Maybe I am mistaken. It's lie_x0097_I don't know. [BECKER LAUGHS] Becker Khan: some time back like about 20 years when I was first engaging with my job. I got a privilege of interviewing an old woman who had just get to 100 of age. I asked her an awkward question, something that most amazingly happened in your life. The woman takes a step back then eventually said, what happened amazingly in her life was on her first day in high school. When the principal of the school asked me of my name, and after telling him, he commented that he had a friend with the same name. To me that was remarkable, the woman added. Therefore, the American life stories contain coincidences that are rarely not a coincidence at all. Meaning if an accident story is not a coincidence then there is no life story at all.


Campbell, A., Converse, P. E., & Rodgers, W. L. (1976). The quality of American life: Perceptions, evaluations, and satisfactions. Russell eSage Foundation. McAdams, D. P. (2001). The psychology of life stories. Review of general psychology, 5(2), 100. Kim, K. E. (1997). East to America: Korean American Life Stories (review). Korean Studies, 21(1), 148-150. Goodson, I. F. (1995). The story so far: Personal knowledge and the political. International journal of qualitative studies in education, 8(1), 89-98. Jacobs, J. (2016). The death and life of great American cities. Vintage.

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