Online learning as a part of education system

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Online learning is part of education system considering that it involves several activities which are typical in education systems across the world. Today, many humans do not prefer going to school in order to be trained (Johnson et al., 2014). However, they prefer online learning when you consider that it provides equal opportunity just like going to faculty on daily and you must be physically current in class. There are several reasons why on line learning today has been considered as section of the education system as portrayed in the NMC Horizon Report. Some of them may include:
Just like any different education system either formal or informal, students require teachers to guide them in their daily class assignments, online learning also requires teachers or rather experts who can lead the students on what they are supposed to do (Johnson et al., 2014). Teachers today are expected to be highly skilled on issues related to technology to enable them to deliver their content better to students (Johnson et al., 2014). Teachers are required to use digital strategies in their work with students and to work as mentors and guides for them to encourage student- centered learning so that the students can organize their work based on the teacher_x0092_s requirements on the assignment without necessarily sitting in class.
Online learning has also contributed to making formal education relevant (Johnson et al., 2014). As reflected in my introduction, it is not necessary for parents to send their children to school for them to become educated and possess skills for getting employment in their future life (Johnson et al., 2014). However, many people have the mentality that there are valuable skills and attitudes that can only be acquired in school setting. Since the society_x0092_s expectations about what kind of skills and attitudes their students are supposed to learn in school and how they are supposed to learn them are changing, the parents have come to accept the online learning policy in schools.
Lastly, the culture around games which has forever been part of any education system is highly getting improved through online learning (Johnson et al., 2014). The growth of digital games has highly encompassed a substantial proportion of the world_x0092_s population. Research shows that games are responsible for the improvement of the student_x0092_s thinking capacity and to reduce monotony and boredom due to much class work for the students (Johnson et al., 2014). The students can learn from the games and even borrow some constructive ideas on the games which they can apply in their class work.
Describe how technology and online learning impact teaching, learning and creative
Today, teaching is technology based. Online learning and technology enables teachers to further personalize the learning experience, enables students to effectively use normal school day for group discussions and project based activities while implementing the use of network in doing their research in accessing, videos, readings and even other relevant materials in their own time (Johnson et al., 2014). Teachers therefor only act as the mentors and guidance in ensuring that the student-learning is promoted accordingly. The growing trend in the use of online and technology, negatively impacted teaching as a career since most of the teachings might not necessarily satisfy all the students in the case of students with low intellectual capacity (Johnson et al., 2014). Parents are also always complaining about the same issue and even other leaders since they feel that some critical skills and attitudes are not passed to their children in school such as communication skills.
Online learning and technology have made research possible by both students and teachers through networking (Johnson et al., 2014). Students are also able to obtain much-related information during their research studies which can eventually improve their learning skills. Through online research, learning has been made possible across the world. Students are also able to obtain, share and compare their work with other schools (Johnson et al., 2014). However, there has been a concern for the safety of the student_x0092_s data since some third party vendor has managed to create some cheap software to manipulate student_x0092_s data. When student_x0092_s data get interfered with, there is a possibility of great confusing amongst the students since some paper may intend to alter some of the data.
Creative Inquiry
Online learning and technology create room for students to learn and later apply what they have learned in curriculum real life applications (Johnson et al., 2014). The creative inquiry has been considered to be highly student-centered, enables the students to develop how they can engage with the subject under study and eventually to brainstorm and implement their solutions to the difficult local and global issues. Learners hope therefore is to be able to connect the course material in their personal life and the community that surrounds them, then probably will be happy to continue with learning and cover themselves with the subject matter (Johnson et al., 2014). The impact will then be felt by both the learners and the community at large.
Define personalized learning and discuss personalizing learning allows educators to personalize instruction based on student interests.

From the NMC Horizon Report, personalized learning refers to various systems of education programs, instructional approaches, learning experiences, and academic support policy which aim at addressing, obvious learning needs, aspirations, interests or cultural backgrounds of individual students within a given institution.
Personalizing learning, therefore, enables educators to personalize instruction based on the student interest by helping the teachers in making hybrid learning models where the students can use both physical and virtual learning environments to their highest (Johnson et al., 2014).Personalization is also important in that it enables the instructor to be able to engage students in several ways and even extend on the students learning the day.
Identify a resource in NMC Horizon and Report and provide an overview of the resource.
Cloud computing resource
Cloud computing resource support collaboration, virtualization, file storage, and the number of some applications that may rely on cloud technologies (Johnson et al., 2014). These applications have grown to the point only a few educations institutions are not capable of making use of it either as a matter of policy or not.
Describe how learning resources are used in my school.
The educational resources especially cloud computing resource is being used to ensure that our data is secured and safe from public access (Johnson et al., 2014). Through this learning resource, we have been able to keep and maintain the privacy of our data as an institution (Johnson et al., 2014). Another learning resource which we have highly embraced is the BYOT (Buy You Own Technology) whereby everyone while being admitted into the institution must buy one of the electronic devices, for example, laptops, tablets, smartphones or any other mobile device that with the same learning environment. BYOT as learning resource has ensured that we can do our research freely and complete our assignments in time. Again this resource has improved our speed on syllabus coverage since we can do most of the work by ourselves online through research and group work.

Johnson, L., Adams Becker, S., Estrada, V., and Freeman, A. (2014). NMC Horizon Report: 2014 K-12 Edition. Austin, Texas: The New Media Consortium.

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