Nursing Philosophy: Beliefs and values

Nursing is an essential aspect of society

The profession is largely focused with various activities aimed at caring for community members. Nurses are expected to observe strong ethical standards related to accountability, compassion, and professionalism while on the job. In the medical field, Florence Nightingale stressed nursing principles and encouraged nurses to advocate for patients in situations where they could not communicate themselves.

My nursing philosophy

My nursing philosophy entails providing compassionate, universal, and ethnically neutral care to patients and their families for the overall well-being of society. The following sections summarize my personal nursing philosophy. My dream of being a nurse traces back to when I was young. I was always determined to be a nurse in future. The primary motivation was to earn good money and live a good life with my family. However, over time, the meaning of a nurse transformed and I learned that a nurse not only earns a good salary but also have a responsibility of positively touching other people’s life. The contemporary world is characterized by individuals who are in need of medical attention because of the prevalence of diseases such as cancer and HIV-AIDS among other deadly diseases. As such, I developed the urge to commit myself to assisting the needy to ensure that they get access to quality health care services.

Additionally, the profession is the best way to give back to the society

I enjoy helping people, and therefore nursing is an opportunity to offer health services to the poor members of the community. Moreover, the occupation gives an opportunity to continuously engage in learning to be able to keep up with the challenges prevalent in the job. The medical sector demands persistent engagement in research and studies to be able to give quality services to the patients, a factor that influenced my decision in joining the occupation (Masters, 2015).

Essence of Nursing

The profession fundamentally encompasses on individual, environment, and healthiness. Nursing is primarily concerned with the people of the society, and thus the medical practitioners are always determined to offer medical care to the members of the community to ensure that they are healthy. Notably, as a nurse, provision of impartial that entails all the aspects of the patient’s health is vital in ensuring that the entire community receives quality medical services (Alligood, 2014). Furthermore, it is essential to focus on the atmosphere in which the patients operate. The environment greatly influences the well-being of the whole society and thus as a health official, I must put more effort into making the surrounding safer by eliminating the pathogens and other disease-causing organisms.

Code of Ethics

It is noteworthy that in the nursing profession, doctors are trusted with the lives of people in the society (Price et al., 2013). As such, I am expected to follow the stipulated ethical codes of conduct in my course of duty. Throughout my profession, I will always strive to fulfill the dreams of Florence Nightingale in the profession by being the advocate of the patients and always observe the ethics as dictated by the law. Importantly, a nurse is expected to respect the fundamental human rights as required by legislation. Also, as a practicing nurse, I will adhere to the required code of ethics that needs me to maintain integrity, accountability, and confidentiality (Baillie & Black, 2014).

Beliefs and values

As a healthcare provider, I perceive my patients as individuals with unique characteristics which are differently affected by genetics and the environment, and therefore, I believe that patients are my number one priority. Members of the society are open systems that are motivated by needs, able to adapt to various conditions, and interact with the surrounding. As such, failure to meet the needs increases the vulnerability of people to experience alterations in health status, a condition that manifests in the form of disease and illness. In the case of the conditions, the affected individuals always report to the medical centers for treatment and an indication that they trust the members of the medical profession. As such, I view each person as a distinct being and analyze their needs and conditions to allow me to provide proper treatment that enables the patient to regain health with the aim of respecting the trust they have in me. Additionally, I believe the patients require not only medical attention but also have psychosocial needs to be addressed. They need me to listen to them and speak for them (Gray, 2013).

Involvement of Family Members

I recognize that the patients have family members and significant others that always want to get involved during treatment. Consequently, it is prudent to allow the family members' contributions and support because working together reduces the incidents of conflict and results in the desirable outcome. Moreover, I believe that it is easier for patients to open up and cooperate when their family members and significant others are present. Also, when the patients are discharged, the family members must continue taking care of them to enhance recovery. As such, I believe it is prudent to involve the family members because they will learn the duties that are expected of them when the patient gets home.

Teamwork and Self-care

Teamwork is crucial to the success of any organization. In the health sector, I acknowledge that my colleagues are of great help because they have the same qualifications as me. Furthermore, they are committed to saving lives and serving the community, hence we are committed to achieving a similar goal. Thus, I should work together with both the senior and junior nurses to be able to deliver quality services. Working with the top doctors further allows me to improve my skills and experience in the medical area. As a physician, I am aware of the risks in the environment. However, I should ensure that the health of the patients is of high priority. I am committed to helping people, and therefore I should not spend much of my time worrying about my health. Nevertheless, it is necessary to balance and take care of myself to guarantee that I am in perfect health condition and energetic enough to save lives.

Vision for the Future

In the first two years of practice, I am focused on learning the basics and fundamental principles of nursing. During this time I want to apply the concepts and theories that I learned in the ideal healthcare sector to enable me to establish myself in the profession. Therefore, after two years, I will be a Registered Nurse who is committed to saving lives.

In the next five years in the profession

I expect to be satisfied with my job and thus focus on learning new skills to improve my career. Notably, at this stage, I should be having my master's degree in Nursing. The new skills are vital because I expect to have additional responsibilities at this step in my career.

After ten years of service

I hope to be a senior doctor with strong skills and experience. As such, I will be engaged in setting up dispensaries to ensure that healthcare services are available to everybody in the society regardless of economic status.


There are several traits that are expected of a nurse. My strength of self-confidence greatly influenced my decision to choose a career in the medical sector. I always believe in my abilities and skills that have over time assisted me in the challenges that are required in the profession. Importantly, I always feel that I can always find a solution to any medical condition that I may face in my career. Additionally, I have excellent communication skills that allow me to listen to the patients, talk to their family members, and also improve my interaction with other health officials. Furthermore, I am capable of perfectly managing Time making me be a reliable and flexible nurse.

Despite the strengths, I am a selfless individual, a trait which can negatively impact on my job in the health sector. To overcome the weakness, I am always working on ways of balancing so that I ensure I have time to care for my health. Being in a well condition enhances my ability to provide quality services to my patients.


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