New criticism of the Tempest

The Process of New Criticism

The sort of audience that ancient texts aim to address typically informs how they are structured. The process of new criticism entails applying the liberal mind to the analysis of ancient writings. A critical theory that rose to popularity in the 1940s is modern criticism. The form of the argument focused primarily on extra-textual materials, most of which made up the author's biography, and it described how scholars responded to a historical critique. A thorough analysis of the structure, figures of speech, and syntax used in the reading is done by new criticism. Shakespeare's play The Tempest has drawn a great deal of criticism from academics all over the globe. In the Tempest, there are various literal themes which have been criticized ranging from the morality of Christianity, magic, and politics.

Critical Perspective on Themes in The Tempest

In the view of the new critics, they point out how the various issues presented are essential in educating or portraying the setting of the society. Such critics have a liberal mind and thus bring about democratic aspects which any individual can use to describe the community. For instance, in the Tempest, Prospero's powers can be observed as an interim moment of salvation granted by God (William et al. 42). The forces in this instance portray the closeness to divinity which the play tries to communicate to the audience. Hence one can point out that critics tend to point out the flaws or the good attributes showcased in an ancient piece of art.

Assessing Art Without Considering Background

Conclusively, it is important to note that the new criticism mainly concentrates on assessing the pieces of art based on the physical or an impromptu appearance without considering the background of the action. By doing so, the critics help to build a different point of view very different from the actual intentions of the author.

Work cited

William Shakespeare. , William Woodman, and , Ted Sorel The Tempest. , 2014.

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