Nanthealth: How do nurses make decisions

Nanthealth: Using Technology to Improve Healthcare

Nanthealth is an organization that has embraced technology's possibilities to bring solutions to patients' difficulties. In an era when technology has made the world a global village, the medical industry has kept up by consistently developing greater methods to improve the health of their patients and hospital proficiency.

Technological Investments: GPS Cancer and DeviceConx

Nanthealth has made technological investments, including the GPS Cancer and DeviceConx systems. The GPS Cancer screens patients for cancer using complete gene sequencing and tumor genome comparison to provide results. The technology delivers reports to clinicians via a browser accessible via mobile phone. The report highlights available potential treatments that could work for the particular strain of cancer. DeviceConx is a solution to data entry by the clinic that allows the providers to capture patients' data automatically. The system minimises the chances of wrong data entry which could be detrimental due to wrong medication. It supports patients by its availability in hospitals, at homes and in ambulances (NantHealth, 2017). Insurers are willingly working with Nanthealth given the comprehensive data available which is automatically generated.

Connected Care and Evidence-based Decision Making

Evidence-based decision making in healthcare is the key to positive health outcomes for patients. The decisions are based on the ability to make judgement on the safety of the patients which is determined by information available to the nurse (Lamb and Sevdalis, 2011). Nanthealth has systems with the capability to bridge the gap between their health providers and patients through connected care. They optimize data entry into systems which can be viewed by persons with access allowing optimal and quick decisions on diagnosis, medication and care.

The Power of Real-Time Data and Patient Involvement

Real-time data empowers healthcare providers due to transparency that allows them to educate the patients and coordinate the treatment process. Patient involvement improves satisfaction further cementing a relationship of trust which allows patients to be engaged in the treatment process (Santilli & Vogenberg, 2015). The patients are then treated based on the conditions they feel are critical to them. Understanding of the treatment process enables them to appreciate medical priorities which are essential to their healing process. It is through the relationship between the two parties that providers can assign the specialized persons to take care of patients to ensure the needs of the patients are met and the core outcome of treatment is achieved. Nanthealth has their systems enabling their staff to manage their tasks better and focus on critical decision making especially given complexity in the healthcare system which is also rapidly evolving (NantHealth, 2017).

The Future of Healthcare: Personalized Care and Patient Empowerment

The impact of technology in the future cannot be underplayed. It is a force driving introduction of new drugs, devices and patient support. The future could see a situation where treatment will move from institution based to personalized care (Thimbleby, 2013). People will seek to acquire test and treatment equipment which will be user-friendly as opposed to having to go to the hospital for minor treatment such as a child's fever. Though this could reduce the cost of medical care, it poses the risk of self-medication that could be detrimental. Use of GPS in medication will bring the health system to a place where immobility due to illness will not hinder treatment. They will manage to track their conditions, medications, required exercises through content provided by system providers. Continued trials and tests will ensure the systems are efficient and manageable by the patients with minimal assistance.


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