My GPA in Life

My Background

Until the seventh grade, I lived and attended college in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Windsor is a border city to Detroit, Michigan and is separated by two miles of water. Living on an international border and being both a Canadian and United States citizen afforded me the opportunity to attend one of the best academic colleges in the United States called Cranbrook Kingswood. My parents purchased the flat next to the school to allow me to have a brief commute. It sacrificed me over 2 hours when I first began to realize I actually had a 4.0 in life.

Impact of My Family

My family has had the most impact on making my life a 4.0. I was fortunate enough to be born with two loving and hardworking parents. I was also very close with my grandparents, because they were my neighbors in Windsor. As I have learned, it is the rare scenario that I was blessed to be born into. Most kids are happy to have two supporting figures, but by having four, I was always kept on track and set up for success.

I was also lucky enough to not suffer from losses in my life until my grandfather, Papa, passed away unexpectedly in my sophomore year. Although heartbreaking, I was able to spend sixteen unforgettable years with him as my neighbor and one of my best friends. My Papa, being a grade school principal, taught me the importance of education, to respect everyone I come in contact with, and to especially appreciate the opportunities I have been provided with. Not too many people can say they have been able to spend that much time with a grandparent, which makes me so grateful for his impact in my life.

Bridge the Divide

I have been able to witness first-hand the teachings of my Papa through the program at my school called Bridge the Divide, where I traveled to the inner city of Detroit to help those of less fortunate circumstances. These individuals were not born into a family and the world like I was. Many of them have to overcome incredible adversity just to survive. Instead of being able to focus in school, they have to worry about where to get their next meal. This experience puts any of my struggles into a whole different context.

Community and School Engagement

My experiences have provided me with the template on how to be engaged in my community and school. I have strived for being a leader of the Cranbrook's baseball team for the past three years and being supportive of my teammates. I was actively involved in the Cranbrook's debate team since my freshman year. It allowed me to learn through the collaboration with my team that we could overcome stiff competition from other schools at debate contests. In my community, I have volunteered at numerous events for We Care for Kids Foundation, the charity that supports the health and wellness of children.

Paying It Forward

I am not the highest academically ranked student. Thus, I have had to work very hard to achieve the grades that I have. However, because I have been brought up by a close knit, industrious and loving family, I do know what it takes to be an engaged and contributing member of my community. I will never take for granted what my life has given me. All of my experiences to date have taught me what is needed to affect the world positively.

My GPA in life is a 4.0. I plan to gain the education, experiences, and skills at college that I will need to continue to pay it forward to those that are not as fortunate as me.

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