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When the Internet and modern technologies came into our lives (Jarvis 3), I decided to use them and search for the favorite mat movie. Browsing the Internet was my first encounter, and I still recall the feeling of curiosity mixed with confusion and endless intrigue, browsing new websites and looking at the variety of connections and details on them. I had the vision of the Internet, but I couldn’t really expect the bulk of the possibilities it provides. I was so excited and grateful to see the names and contents of the books I wanted at school that I didn’t need to browse the library. However, most of all I was impressed by the immensity Internet and the width of opportunities, which it offered.

The content of the media and opportunity to find everything needed by click of a mouse made me excited and interested. I remember that browsing and familiarizing with media content interested me to the extent that I have lost track of time and was “walking” its huge spaces, trying to find and watch as much as I could.

For me, as for the inexperienced user, media turned out to be very helpful. I found all the necessary information to prepare school report and leant to download books and music. In addition, I learnt to use archives to find the oldest materials and search for the latest news. At the beginning I used Internet only in academic purposes, but some time later I opened its diversity and learnt to use social networks and download favorite movies. I must confess that it was great and extremely useful experience, which opened the door into new world of endless information for me.

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