Multimedia integration in the ELA Classroom Table

These pupils have access to downloaded recordings of words and phrases. This will help them remember how to pronounce the different words that they have a hard time pronouncing. The recording will allow them to concentrate on the words rather than struggling to correctly spell them. Thus, audio recordings will help the students perfect their pronunciation of different words.

The brainstorming among these pupils is accelerated by audio recording. These students are able to sum up the prior lesson with ease when they listen to recorded words. This will allow them to keep recalling the pronunciation to the words.

These students can use audio recording at a more advanced level. The students will listen to various tough words that are difficult to pronounce so that they can get to master and understand purify their voices. This tool enables the students to listen and critique their own pronunciation whereby they record their own voices and compare it to the ideal way of pronouncing. They hence gauge themselves and realize the areas they need to improve on.

Multimedia Tool 2:


These are electronic books that students may carry around in their phones, laptops, tablets and other electronic gadgets. These students can, therefore, access learning materials anywhere they are. This tool is reliable since it gives students a chance to get they need at hand.

These students can share the various learning materials easily through online means such as using email. This will enable the students to support each other in learning new concepts

These students can develop their own eBooks. This will allow them to sharpen their skills further and help each other through sharing of the self-established eBooks.

Multimedia Tool 3:


These students will benefit immensely since videos are fun and exciting tools of teaching. Students watch recorded films which elaborate on the concepts they are learning. This tool will support the student by enhancing memory of the concepts learnt.

This tool will allow the students to learn more detailed content in an easier way. This tool offer students a way of engaging their artistic skills and improving their pictorial memory. Student’s oral presentations will be used for future review.

The student wills be able to come up with their own videos as a way of showcasing what they have learnt. The tool gives them a chance to express themselves thoroughly by collaborating written words with images.


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