Multiculturalism and Diversity

The Importance of a Diverse Workforce

The staff of a company is, of course, its most valuable resource. In the absence of individuals, organisations cannot exist. Thus, a human resources manager is responsible for hiring people from different backgrounds to create a pool of skilled individuals that can fulfill the various requirements of the company. Diversity and multiculturalism have become today a core factor for many corporate employees, as they offer various advantages, such as greater ingenuity, stronger innovation and decreased company turnover rates. This paper explores how a wide variety of workers contributes to increased innovation and how it helps the company.

Adapting to Dynamic Environments

Organizations operate in dynamic environments characterized by emerging trends and changes. To remain relevant in these environments, businesses should come up with ways on how to adapt to these changes. This is enabled by creativity. A creative workforce will devise strategies that will allow the company to remain abreast with market trends. The various backgrounds from which is workforce is drawn from allows for brilliant and unique ideas that will allow the company solve any challenges it faces (Abreu, 2014). This is because of the unique perspective that each member has.

The Goal of a Creative Workforce

A creative workforce is the goal of any human resource manager. When recruiting, a human resource manager is tasked with looking for creative individuals who can think on their feet and come up with solutions to challenges. Therefore, this benefit is paramount to any human resource manager. To achieve these benefits, I would implement equal employment opportunities strategies as envisioned by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The recruitment and selection process would be open any qualified candidate irrespective of their gender, race, class, religion or any other distinguishing socio-cultural characteristic.

Diversity in the Workforce: Measuring Success

Question 2

Diversity Inc. ranks how diverse the workforce of companies are. To achieve this ranking, Diversity Inc. assesses the performance of the participating companies on four key areas i.e. talent pipeline, talent development, leadership accountability and supplier diversity (DiversityInc, 2016). The talent pipeline variable decomposes the workforce and in the process examines the recruitment and selection structures of the company and the breadth of the existing talent within the company. Talent development is concerned with the mentoring and other resources that the company has in place to develop its employees. This may include; philanthropy, fairness and other social movements. Leadership accountability deals with responsibility for results and communication while supplier diversity is concerned with companies managed by people from minority communities. In the current year, the top five companies in the diversity list include; Kaiser Permanente, Novartis, EY, AT&T and PwC (DiversityInc, 2016).

The Impact of Diversity on Business and Society

Just as the name suggests, the site presents articles on different (diverse) issues facing the business and social world. However, on further analysis of the articles, one will notice their similarity. The articles primarily deal with issues revolving around diversity and multiculturalism. For example, there are numerous articles on the “Muslim Ban” issued by President Trump. There are also stories about race and racial conflicts. Other stories touch on issues related to women, people with disabilities, LGBT rights and the importance of appreciating the diversity within us. The articles are well written and carefully curated not to elicit social tension but provoke a much-needed conversation that has long been ignored by the mainstream media.


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