Minority Groups

Minority groups in the United States undergo marginalization where they are being pressed to the authority. The desires of the minority are omitted and given less importance in the society, therefore, limiting their opportunities and potential of survival. The criteria used to marginalize the minority groups include age, race, religion, language and the employment reputation. Minority groups are being mistreated in their place of work, they may be overworked, and in a association with various employees which includes African Americans, there ethnic discrimination may take place, where they are given slight wage compared to different colleagues and also be deprived of the chance to be promoted.
In establishments such as police training facilities, brutality among the non-native Americans is highly encouraged since prosecutors, and other political schemes are discouraged from following police misconduct and therefore, are more responsive to police than to the residents of a minority group of people (Lamont). Police is acting suggesting that the probability of the African Americans being guilty is greater comparing to the majority group, which is the white American people.
The Christianity is the most widespread religion in the United States other religions are treated as the minority region groups. According to Wiesel, Jews were viewed as the religion which acts against the American institution because the United States is grounded on Christian ethics and morals. Therefore, Jews face almost the same trouble in the United States, being stereotyped like Muslims are often seen as terrorist. Muslims believe in Jihadism; hence Christians believe Muslims are more likely to plan and commit terror attacks.
Marginalization among the minority groups can eventually have an emotional impact on the whole community since it may cause violence and even civil conflict between the majority and the minority groups hence, disturbing the entire society regarding development. The majority group which is the whites should, therefore, be familiar with their freedoms and comprehend the perspectives of the marginalized people. The majority groups are guilty of continuing marginalization of the minority groups since the continuation of the human labour exploitation even after the minority races have raised their ways of know-how by going to school, seek for knowledge to avoid being looked down (Lamont).
Marginalization is well expounded when the freedom of free movement is tightened. There is a clear discrimination viewed when the minority races are denied visas to explore the western countries while the majority races can still access the visas of the minority ethnic group homes without any denial. The majority groups are enlightening the denial of visas for the minority groups.
King and Wiesel advocate on equality concerning races and religion respectively. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote a letter to the Christian leadership addressing them to act as per the Christian ethics by not complying with the constitution and ignoring the Christian beliefs (all human are equal before the eyes of God regardless of the skin colour and originalities). Therefore, the black people who participated in Birmingham protest should not be treated outsiders; instead, they should be treated just like any other citizen exercising their civil rights. Wiesel is a legendary author who faced difficulties in publishing his book on the marginalization of the Jews in the United States highlighting to them that if anything of the sort may happen, they should not allow the majority to take advantage of the Jews basing on the constitutional rights that made the Jewish be oppressed.
From the arguments made by King and Wiesel, I learned that marginalization was broadly embraced in the 19th century and most minority groups suffered. Therefore, it is evident that such discriminations reduced overtime gradually considering the discrimination cases are currently reported but are minimal as compared to an ancient era.

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