Michelle Obama: A Persuasive and Effective Public Speaker

Michelle Obama is one of the most effective public speakers not just in the US but around the world. a quality that was more obvious when she served as the nation's first lady. She has acquired this quality for a number of reasons, including her capacity for clear communication, familiarity with the surroundings, ability to hold the attention of the audience, and comprehension of the presentation's material.

Clear Communication and Memorable Ideas

As shown in her speech at Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School in April 2009 entitled "A passionate personal case for education," she communicates her ideas simply enough for them to be remembered despite her stature. She makes it easy for her audience to share the presentation with others.

Familiarity with the Environment and Engaging the Audience

Her keenness to detail which is portrayed by her familiarity with the environment attracts the audience’s attention, for example, in the video she refers to the sign behind her. In addition, her perfect engagement of the public makes Michelle Obama a persuasive presenter. She periodically pauses to allow those listening to her to synthesize the message and to appreciate a splendid point.

Mastery of Facts and Factual Presentations

Finally, her mastery of facts during the presentations is commendable. She describes the president’s desk referred to as the 'Resolute desk' in a resolute manner and states the facts in verifiable context.

From the video referred to and other presentations the former first lady of the United States made, it is evident that she is and will always be regarded as a great presenter, especially among women. Her choice of words, the involvement of the audience, factual presentations, and understanding of the presentation’s environment are just some of the traits that can be associated with Michelle Obama.

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