Mexican Academy Discussion

In the interview, Michael Hick, a college board member discusses the Mexican Academy, a kindergarten. The academy focuses on the promotion of interculturalism in their aspects of education. The school believes in the significance of identity through the learning that they provide by giving the children the chance to find out about for themselves. Michael compares the current school with the banking system the place there is the expectation on the children to open up their minds and then fill them with other people's opinions.
The location of the faculty is strategic to facilitate their learning of the history of conquest in the United States and its effect on the border communities. Children are despatched to the boundary publics to capture the life of the nations living in the area. They are required to offer an account of how these state and federal decisions have affected the border towns. The foundation plays the crucial role in allowing the children to explore and form the important component of the community.
The Academy uses a different system as opposed to the one, individuals are accustomed to using. The system facilitates interaction of the students with their learning through some of the experiences they undertake at the school. The school board has managed to keep the children and engage the whole public in the learning process, and this is achievable through demonstration of the significance of teamwork evident in the development of the garden by the entire community.
However, there is evidence pointing out to the school’s role in the denial of the children their rights to be healthy kids at the institution by placing heavy burdens on their shoulders. The management tends to send the children to the borders that are notably risky endeavors, and such actions are a gamble with the life of the pupil. There is the necessity for the provision of adequate guidance on the children as they grow beside handing them the tasks that they can fulfill even when things do not work out as initially planned.

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