Methods used to counter terrorism

The fight against terrorists

The fight against terrorists can be waged using a variety of strategies. The primary financing sources for terrorists are reduced, the military is strengthened in terms of resources and intelligence, and international organizations work together to address terrorism-related issues as some of the methods used to combat terrorism. (Martin, 2014). The military being strengthened with better equipment and intelligence data is the most ideal counter-terrorism tool. The tactics used the terrorists have over the years changed rapidly and this calls for the military to be equipped with intelligence information on these new terrorist tactics and at the same time be strengthened with sophisticated weapons. Intelligence information can also be instrumental in the strategic mapping of those targeted areas that are inhabited by the terrorists. In so doing, this can help in effectively handling the threat that is spawned by the terrorists.

International organizations in counter-terrorisms

The essence of the international organizations in dealing with terrorism has in the recent years improved significantly (Martin, 2014). International bodies such as the United Nations, for instance, provide funding to those institutions that are relevant in dealing with terrorism. The international bodies also play a vital role in the provision of training programs to the militaries of various countries across the globe on the essential measures in dealing with terrorism, and this is made possible through the UN military agency. The UN military agency has been deployed in those African and Asian countries that are prone to terror attacks and this has played a key role in the provision of the necessary buffer to the local militaries in dealing with the terror attacks.


Martin, G. (2014). Essential of Terrorism. Thousand Oaks: CA, USA, Sage.

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