“Memory” is a phrase that refers to a variety of abilities, including the ability to hold information briefly while working with it, recall experiences from one’s life, and general understanding of facts, among others (Takeuchi, Duszkiewicz & Morris, 2014).

Memory Phases:

Memory is divided into three stages: encoding, storage, and retrieval.


In this paper, I will describe how the aforementioned memory phases function and allow me to perform my obligations as a waitress. I take customer orders and memorize each person’s appearance as well as his or her desire using encoding. Sometimes, the surrounding is not conducive for remembering customer’s orders due to the noises, but I do not have otherwise but to attend to the most important things first (Wyer & Srull, 2014).


As I attend to customer orders through some rehearsal, this information enters the storage phase, creating a new space for encoding of other requests. The storage phase maintains the information in short-term memory enabling me to move to the kitchen to give orders to the chef (Wyer & Srull, 2014).


Lastly, retrieval is the phase that allows me to give the orders in the kitchen as well as return to the customer with the actual food they had requested. After attending to the customer and ensuring that he or she is satisfied, I move on to attend to other customers and the same cycle continues.

Importance of Memory:

It is through memory that all people can carry out their daily activities as, without it, people would not be able to do anything constructive. Even though remembering many things at ago might be challenging, I as a hotel waiter have to condition myself and only pay attention to the more necessary information and ignore other noises.


Takeuchi, T., Duszkiewicz, A. J., & Morris, R. G. (2014). The synaptic plasticity and memory hypothesis: encoding, storage, and persistence. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B, 369(1633), 20130288.

Wyer Jr, R. S., & Srull, T. K. (2014). Memory and cognition in its social context. Psychology Press.

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