Media Influence on Alcohol Use

For a very long time, the media has been very significant for humanity. But in the modern world, spending a lot of time watching the media is always associated with undesirable outcomes like drug and substance abuse, especially among young people. The author of the essay Media Influences on Mexican-Heritage Juvenile Alcohol Use is envious of how the media has a negative effect on youth drunkenness in Mexico (Lee et al., 200). However, on the other hand, increased media exposure helps young people understand how using alcohol goes against Mexican cultural standards. Over the past decades, the media has been of negative influence on the teenagers concerning drug and substance abuse, particularly on alcohol addiction. Aspects of the media like televisions, movies, and the internet always advertises the use of different brands of alcohol an implication that the consumption of alcohol is a legal norm whose usage does not breach the law. Additionally, the continued usage of the media will compromise the behavior of the youths after indulging in alcohol usage for some time (Lee et al., 211). However, the researcher argues that the press should not only be associated with ill deeds but the understanding and perception it builds on the youths on alcohol usage, and its associated consequences should be embraced, thus making them more cautious.

The findings are of much importance to both the youths and the society in many ways. First, It criticizes the notion that, the media is ill-rooted and only contains information that will affect the youths negative concerning alcohol usage. The second interesting point to note is the fact that, most alcoholic drink addiction among the youths is contributed by the continued usage of the media(Lee et al., 218). The article directly compares to Joel W. Grube’s article that relates drinking to the advertisements shown in the media; thus, the investigations of the author depict a scenario that happens in real life situation, where the youths take much of their time in the media just to be negatively influenced.

From my perception, despite the educational aspect of the media on the social existence and other economic issues, it is the root cause of the ills in the society that pertains to drug and substance abuse. However, it is an undisputed fact the media contains much guidance on alcohol usage (Lee et al., 221). Thus, the research brings to light the adverse influence on the youths and further research should be done on the better options that can be used to control the exposure of alcoholic contents in the media.

Works cited

Lee, Jeong Kyu, and Michael L. Hecht. "Media influences on Mexican-heritage youth alcohol use: Moderating role of language preference and ethnic identification." The Howard Journal of Communications 21.3 (2010): 199-223.

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