marriages and the Change of Gender Roles

The main problem in marriages

The main problem in marriages is the shift in the roles that the two genders play, which has an effect on how duties are divided in marriages. But in a traditional marriage, the male provided the income and the woman took care of the home, respectively. (Carr et al. 941). Although marriage is important to many people, its nature is changing and becoming more comprehensive with gender roles that are less specific. This has an effect on the quality of marriage. It was discovered that a fair division of domestic duties was necessary for a happy marriage. Many people in society argue their opinion on gender roles based on religion, for example, Christianity, Islam among others. Although the bible doesn't offer guidelines on identities of gender, it only provides insight on roles of different gender in the society. However, the Bible specifies that is given to men over their wives and children, but regardless of the people who believe in the genders roles there are very many evidence that contradicts the way (Hyman 19). Over the modern years due to social- political and economic changes the code that husbands were breadwinners and wives were to take care of children and carry out other household duties, cannot be assumed this is because today there is same-sex partnership and marriages.

According to Pew Research Center

According to Pew Research Center, they found that although men are earning better than their wives, twenty-two percent of women are the breadwinners today compared to the percentage that was there 1970s. Thus this puts off the belief system concerning marriage that was there traditionally. Nowadays we find that men also take part in household activities like cooking, laundry among others. Perrin (6) articulate that the traditional type of marriage is no longer there, he said that it is being replaced by anew marriage that is meant to enhance spiritual growth. Nevertheless, the change roles of genders in marriage have both positive and negative impact.

The bias in the article

The bias in the article comes in where it considers much of religion to argue out the concept of marriage. The article goes ahead to explain how Adam has created a helper who was a woman meaning the man was the provider, and the woman was to help the man with household activities (Donnelly et al .48). Additionally, it pegged the various roles of a man and a woman on religion although it is not the key determiner of which role should be played by who.

Stance on the topic

The topic is clear that change of roles of genders has a negative impact both to the individual and to the society in general. I agree with this position on the topic since it is true that in these modern days some women earn more money than their husbands hence the disrespects comes in that leads to marriage breakages (Donnelly et al. 49). In cases where the man participates in cooking and laundry, this makes him look like a lesser man since those jobs were meant for feminine traditionally and according to religion.

The article has affected my views on the topic

The article has affected my views on the topic negatively; it has revealed that the negative impact on the changes on gender roles outweigh the positive impact. This is because it has only addressed and stressed on the negative impact of the change of gender roles in marriage.

Future impact

To conclude the future impact of religion on the topic will be experienced since there are quite some religions where people get guidelines, for instance, Christians use the bible as their guide, but in many cases, we find that there are some other people who never believe in any religion (Hyman 20). Therefore, in the future region cannot be used as grounds for gender roles in marriage since it is person's way of life and a belief system of choice. The only resolution that can work in this case, people should take gender roles as personal identification and behaviors that exist.


In conclusion, changes in gender role are a real issues in marriages, hence the impact on religion. Therefore, it is important to take gender roles as personal and they should not be pegged on religion only.

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