Management of Patient Records: Videos of Telemedicine Consultations

Definition of Telemedicine

There are several definitions for telemedicine, but generally speaking, it refers to the utilization of medical data that is transmitted electronically or digitally from one area to another in order to improve the health of the patients. This medical profession, which is quickly expanding, aims to connect healthcare organizations with patients from various geographic places in order to transmit data, texts, and photos for clinical consultations that result in therapy. Despite the fact that telemedicine is seen as a more affordable alternative to treating patients in person, it is unclear if video telemedicine consultations with reference to health data are lawful. The practice of telemedicine is currently presenting challenges to providers of healthcare in guaranteeing that confidentiality and integrity of the videos are maintained, and making sure that the scope of practice of physicians is within the legal statutes that are set forth by the specific state when the healthcare provider is practicing. It is the role of the healthcare providers to determine the individual responsibility for documenting the gathered information as well as the sharing of that information. For example, there are cases of issues associated with privacy, especially where individual's electronic information may leak to social media through unsecure technologies, thereby jeopardizing the privacy of the patient as well as confidentiality of sensitive information.

Inclusion of Telemedicine Consultations in Legal Health Records

However, videos of telemedicine consultations should be included in the definitions of legal health records if states will adhere to the national standards by HIPAA for electronically maintaining medical and health information of patients including privacy and confidentiality of the information. Patients' information through video is protected under 45 C.F.R. § 160.103 (2009) rule by HIPAA. The events of telemedicine need to be set up to guarantee the security and privacy of the transmitted information through secure delivery mechanisms (AHIMA, 2013).


AHIMA (2013). Telemedicine Services and the Health Record (2013 update). Retrieved online in 3rd May, 2017 from

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