Making Chemistry Interesting for Students

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For starters, most students regard chemistry as abstract, and therefore believe it is irrelevant in the real world. As a result, tutors and other instructors have worked harder to discover ways to teach the importance of chemistry lessons in everyday life. For example, in the analysis of food poisoning, for example, coumarin contamination in vanilla and milk products.
Melamine contamination of food supplies was first identified in the United States and Canada in 2007, with the tainted food being pet food. Later in the year 2008, milk and formulation of infants was also accounted for in China. The infants in China were hospitalized with kidney stone dialysis due to infant formula. Is was due to the addition of melamine by the manufacturing process to add what is believed to be the protein content.

Nonetheless, melamine has several industrial importance in its use. Melamine is a significant component in the moulding compounds whenever mixed with resins, the formation of adhesives and it contains fire-retardant properties. Also, it can also be used in the production of the polymeric cleaning agents by copolymerization with formaldehyde. Moreover, is a metabolite of cyromazine which is a parasiticide in goats and utilized as poison rats. From the above, the study of the compound above is significant because it applies to the regular living of people. The knowledge acquired by the students can be used to educate the communities and the individuals surrounding them. The students don’t require professionalism to do so.

Moreover, due to a lot of public attention, melamine study has been made a topic in chemistry. The rich chemistry that has been created by melamine is presented at different levels of education, for example, college and high school levels in topics like organic chemistry, biochemistry, and analytical chemistry. In summary, there are several benefits of the chemical principles when applied in chemistry, because it is brought to life. Lastly, when the students solve the organic structures and the stoichiometry problems, they always give answers to the uninformed citizens to the daily challenges like the hazards caused by melamine.

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