Maintaining relationships through communication

A Relationship and Satisfaction

A relationship is any sort of interaction, connection, or unity shared by two individuals via mutual understanding. Satisfaction is a state in which wants are met, resulting in satisfaction. Every person has their own set of expectations, needs, and desires that they bring to a relationship. When these expectations are realized, both parties experience a sense of fulfillment and pleasure, which contributes to their happiness and joy. The goal of any relationship is for it to be healthy, productive, and long-lasting.

Building a Satisfying Relationship

A satisfying relationship is difficult to achieve since it is difficult to meet the expectations of the other person. Some of the features that build up a satisfying relationship are trust, proper and meaningful communication, and mutual understanding. A satisfying relationship is a continuous work in progress, and these attributes are incorporated with time. Once these features are achieved, any relationship will undoubtedly stand through any challenge encountered on its way.

The Importance of Proper Communication

One of the essential features that make up a sustaining and satisfactory relationship is proper communication. Communication is the medium of which people interact or share their personal views, opinions, and emotions. Miller (2014), explains that communication is a significant component of any healthy relationship because the couples are able to express their ideas, thoughts, and perceptions and help them come to a mutual understanding of what is happening and what to do next. Communication is best used when any matter arises that may mainly affect the relationship or the other partner, especially emotionally. Communication in a relationship may not entirely rely on having fun and sharing affection, but face the challenges they will inevitably face throughout the course of their interaction (Canary, 2013).

The Role of Trust in a Relationship

Trust is another indispensable factor that plays a critical role in achieving a prosperous relationship. This is the foundation of any relationship (Gottman, 2011). Trust is the ability to have complete confidence and reliability with another individual. It is important since it creates a sense of confidence knowing one can be relied upon and makes the two involved parties feel safe with each other whenever they are required to be emotionally or physically available. Trust is built in the course of a relationship and with time, it grows stronger and vice versa is equally true (Kachadourian, 2014).

Importance of Trust and Communication in Professional and Personal Life

In our professional setting or work environment, it is important to achieve trust and communication with our colleagues, superiors, and the patients. A proper communication channel within an organization facilitates efficiency and smooth running of the workflow. It will enhance successful completion of operations, tasks, assignments by improving morale. In my view, trust on the other hand goes a long way in creating teamwork among the employees. The success of the firm will entirely rely on the network of positive relationships.

Since nobody can survive alone, it makes it inevitable to meet and make new friends. In our personal life, communication is significant since it helps us build a network and socialize with friends. Trust helps us to create a strong bond and a secure avenue that make us share personal emotions, problems, opinions, and secrets with friends. This makes us acknowledge there is someone caring thereby giving us value and the feeling that they can be relied on.

Improving Communication and Trust in a Relationship

Communication in a relationship should set out to achieve openness and honesty. Communication is improved by openly and honestly talking or expressing personal views and feelings. Moreover, partners need to listen and pay careful attention to what the other has to say. Trust is also critical since its main goal is to create a strong bond and security in a relationship. Trust can be continuously improved by showing mutual respect for limits and boundaries, being dependable emotionally and physically, and not controlling each other.

In Conclusion

In summary, a satisfactory relationship creates happiness and a sense of fulfillment between two parties. It can only be achieved by creating trust and effective communication. Trust will produce a great bond, and communication will help create mutual understanding not only as couples but also in our professional and personal lives. Communication and trust can be improved through the right channels to create a satisfactory and healthy relationship.


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