Life of Pi - A Book Review

Santosh Patel's Tragic Journey

Santosh Patel sold his Indian zoo and boarded a freighter headed for Canada. Unfortunately, his freighter was hit by a terrible storm and sank. Only Pi, the teenage son of Patel, survived. Luckily, he had taken a Bengal tiger with him. They find refuge on the lifeboat and must work together to survive. But will the two survive together? Find out in this riveting story.


In addition to telling the story of the events surrounding the death of a man named Pi, the novel also includes allegory and internal dialogue. The reader can understand Pi's thoughts, as he was sixteen years old at the time of the main events. This book also provides an insight into the mind of a man who is fighting for his life in the face of horrible events. In addition to this, the story of Pi's journey is highly engrossing, as it makes the reader feel that they are living in the middle of the sea.


The story of Pi's life is fascinating and engrossing. Martel creates a magical fable that is full of optimism and persistence. Throughout the story, Pi is mentored by Martel, a famous wildlife writer. Through Pi's trials and tribulations, he comes to learn about faith, perseverance, and creativity. But does Pi really learn about survival? Or is he just reliving old events?


Atheism in Life of Pi explores the conflict between religion and reason. It explores how religions control our lives and how atheism controls the way we perceive things. Atheists view religion as a covering that does not give us the power to control our lives and to choose our fate. In the end, the story ultimately shows that religions can help us survive tough times but also make our lives less meaningful.


Faith is an important topic in Life of Pi. In the novel, Pi explores three religions. The religious leaders are skeptical of Pi's beliefs, and his family is puzzled by his choice. He is chased away from religious sites, but in the end, his family decides to accept his beliefs. Ultimately, Pi is saved by faith. But it takes a long time for the religious leaders to accept Pi's belief system.


The meerkats in Life of Pi make an unexpected appearance in the book. Pi is curious and unsure at the same time about the fruit, but soon he discovers a ripe fruit in the woods. The fruit is bright red, standing out against the green background, and only grows from a small part of the tree. Pi salivates at the sight and finds it a mouth-watering treat.

Indian storyteller Pi Patel

Indian storyteller Pi Patel tells the story of his family's sea journey on the Japanese cargo ship Tsimtsum. On June 21, 1977, the ship set sail from India, carrying animals and humans. Pi recounts his daily routine, including packing the animals into cargo. He also talks about his philosophy of life. As the days pass, Pi's body begins to deteriorate. In part two, Pi finds himself separated from his family. He is in a lifeboat with a wounded zebra, and he witnesses Richard Parker, a 450-pound Bengal tiger, swimming towards them. Pi leaps overboard to avoid sharing his lifeboat with the Bengal tiger.

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