Life in College

The Challenges Faced by College Sophomores

The paper entails a dialogue of the way the age of a college sophomore is characterized by the pupil being in some phase of progression and having many non-issues that distract their studies. Apparently, the college training is expensive, and prices of tuition are high. Consequently, many college college students find themselves searching for jobs to sustain their academics. The scholar life is affected by many aspects of life, and in many instances their academic performance is deteriorated. There are those people who argue that students should concentrate solely on their academics only and leave other matters to future considerations. Typically, balancing between relationships, activities, and academics is challenging, and many students end up having sleepless nights, as they attempt to catch up with their academics. Notably, all these activities end up overwhelming the students, and, hence, they find themselves vulnerable to mental and physical health problems.

Strategizing and Prioritizing in College Life

It is prudent for students to strategize themselves and come up with a priority list, which assists them in deciding on what issues to give priority in their academic life. Students need to learn scheduling and prioritizing games, event, meetings, studies, and social events accordingly. Thus, in college, most students are unable to determine what is important and urgent in their lives. They end up taking care of activities that are not urgent and in the end jeopardize their academics. Moreover, for students to curb the problem of financial challenges in the course of their study, they need to beware of their options when securing a job. There are universities and colleges which offer jobs fitting to students' schedule. Therefore, students struggling to meet deadlines and other obligations in their schedule should learn to determine what issues are important and pressing and need attention.

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