Lesson Observation Log for Field Practicum and Experience

Learning Objective:

The college students learn to read and recall common testimonies by telling the stories to the class or a crew of his or her peers. The learners get to orally read a comprehension with a standard fluency after which they steadily develop a will writing from their initiatives. Learners will be able to draw out vocabularies used in writing the comprehension.

Applicable Common Core Learning Standard:

learners conclude that reading comprehension entails a greater scope of study rather than just reading.

Link with Prior Knowledge:

In grade 1, the previous topics are the grammar and English vocabulary which their knowledge is very crucial in reading comprehension.

Key Vocabulary:

Passages in grade 1 are always characterized by common scenarios hence vocabularies here feature common things like

  • Clothing: - determined by weather, jacket vest T-shirt

  • Pets: - grandma's puppy

  • Fruits: - apple, mangoes


Materials needed are a pencil, exercise book and a collection of grade one passages which can be collected by the teacher from the school library.


Since the passages feature daily activities, the teacher asks random questions about what one does when ones go home or what the students saw on their way to school.

Lesson Plan Procedures:

Learners discuss different activities that they saw or engaged in any one of them might recite a story they heard. The teacher asks questions on previously read comprehensions which gives the students a good start of the day's learning activity.

Medial Summary:

The teacher reads a comprehension for the class drawing out vocabularies which the students also do from their passages and noting down the vocabularies on their textbooks.

Differentiated Instruction:

After reading a comprehension, a student can create his or her own story easily which the teacher gives that as homework where they are supposed to come with a story to school the next day.

Opportunities for Practice:

To improve fluency and swift mind, a teacher might ask the students to write down a line or a phrase they read and understood well.

Final Summary:

The teacher tells the students to recall any new word they have found in the passage and also retell some unique aspects of the comprehension that they met.


In groups, the teacher engages the students in a recalling session where they will be able to retell the story to their peers.

Classroom Management:

In the assembled groups, the students are required to fill in charts the new word and the vocabulary they have found.

Attention to Multicultural Issues:

The students were required to seat in groups of three around a table and also after the lesson; they were supposed to put back the exercise books and ensure the classroom is orderly. That illustrates to the students a harmoniously living society.

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