Korean Market

The Korean Ginseng Goods

The 9737 Yonge St., Richmond Hill, ON L4C 1V7 address is where the Korean ginseng goods were purchased. A product called Korean red ginseng candy is designed as a tonic for tension, exhaustion, and detoxification. It was greatly prized and declared to be the most successful, well-known product. Due to its paradoxical properties, Korean red ginseng confectionery is used in homeopathy to treat a wide range of illnesses. It contains GRH2 antitumor components, and antioxidants provide defense against harmful free radicals. It helps the body regain its vitality, improves cognitive function, and stimulates blood flow. It soothes the nervous system and safeguards the liver. The Korean red ginseng extract is also a product in the store that retains a rich flavor and traditionally is served as tea in small doses reaping greater healthy benefits. It boosts the immune system, fights diseases and stress. It is also described to help in erectile dysfunctions in men, prevents cold flu and diabetes. The Korean ginseng tea gold is described to increase the mental and physical stamina, improves appetite and relieves stress. It also fights against impotence and improves the functioning of the kidney.

Chinese Market

The ginseng products from the Chinese market were obtained from 9625 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 5T2. Canadian ginseng slices found in the store have a history of medical importance. They increase metabolism, reduces fatigue and stress. It also improves the body immunity, the learning capacity, and memory. The product also has a story of cooling down the system and enhancing the body energy. The slices are also described to be significant for people who drink, smoke, and have difficulties with sleeping. Panax ginseng extractum is a product which is consumed every morning and before going to sleep after diluting in tea, cold water or refreshing juice. It increases athletic performance, supports body immunity, and improves energy. Ginseng royal jelly has wide medical uses such as hay fever, asthma, insomnia, and liver diseases. Besides, it helps in healing skin disorders, regulates cholesterol levels, improves the functioning of the kidney and boosts then immune system.

Comparison of Korean and Chinese Ginseng Products

All the ginseng products in the Korean and Chinese markets are presented to boost immunity, fight stress, and enhance energy levels. However, the products in the two markets present some individual differences having an affinity to various body organs and different capabilities of achieving the desired results. For example, the Korean red ginseng candy found in Korean store is typically used for detoxification purposes and stress management while the ginseng royal jelly from the Chinese market is basically used for medical purposes. Also, the Panax ginseng extractum and Korean ginseng tea gold have some similarity containing ginsenosides ingredients. Nevertheless, the two products are distinct having different types of ginsenosides in individual proportionalities. The various percentages in each product define the type of therapeutic effect the product has on the body. Typically, Panax ginseng extractum contains higher proportions of ginsenosides enhancing the mental and physical performance together with regulating the blood sugar level. In the marketing of the products from the two stores, the Chinese ginseng products are considered to be superior to those of Korean market.

Ginseng in Qing Dynasty China and Ginseng Today

Nappi’s arguments do not fully apply to ginseng in the modern times. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), ginseng was used to boost the body immunity system and lower the blood sugar levels. Whilst this could still be true, the field study revealed more reasons that drive people to consume ginseng that was not evident during the Qing dynasty. The plant is currently consumed to enhance the man’s sexual life. From the field research, therefore, it can be concluded that ginseng is an alternative medicinal plant that improves the domains of sexual dysfunction of premature ejaculations and erectile difficulties. Besides, the pharmacological properties of ginseng today are used in the treatment of diabetes, hypertension, stroke and heart diseases.

Nappi's Arguments on Ginseng

Nappi argues that the onset of commodification, commercialism, and connoisseurship of ginseng during the Ming and early-Qing eras significantly impacted the modern world. She further notes that many literatures explaining the importance of ginseng commodity to the historical Chinese have been done tracing its advancement from materia medica product. Nappi postulates that story of ginseng matured into a worldwide product and its continued pharmaceutical historical importance have fuelled the networks of exchanges and circulations of the product. Considering the importance of ginseng and the high affinity for its tradability, Nappi’s argument is true to ginseng today as there is more commercialization of ginseng derived from the numerous manufactured products arising from it. Nappi states that even though ginseng has undergone vital transformation and morphed over its course of life existence, the product continues to the recognized with its originality and individuality known from early on. The early modernity years in china, as Nappi notes came with new thinking, observation and identification methods and thus ginseng became the focal point of differentiation which was a pivotal feature in Qing and Ming periods. The essential localities that were attached to ginseng have been expanded and transformed such as Fenghuang and Ningguta marketplaces with market shift characterizing the modern sale of ginseng. Besides, the quest of discovering new varieties of the product as Nappi postulates during the 17th and the 18th centuries are quite evident in ginseng today. Nappi ends his arguments by stating “the practices that bring into being, albeit momentarily, something that allows people to speak to and interact with each other.”She cites that the early modern context of ginseng has seen constant meaningful changes in how the product is used and greatly impacted on the society’s well-being.

The Importance of Territorial Boundaries

A notable aspect from the traditional ginseng is the importance accorded to it concerning the territorial boundaries. Kappi argues that the drug was majorly accountable for the shifts in the Qing Empire and Ming territorial boundaries. This act influenced the trade of ginseng, and reinforcement of Qing policy was a priority, and the trading required collection of a permit. This shows how important the plant was during the period. During the Qing dynasty period, grading of ginseng was done according to the region where it originated. For example, that from Changbaishan was thought to be of top quality while that from Korea came in second. Ginseng from Japan was less desired and thus fetched low prices in the market. However, according to the field research, this identification of ginseng by location was not considered to be important by consumers in the modern world, and therefore, this aspect of territorial boundaries was not shown in the field study. The field research showed that polyacetylene, polysaccharides, and peptides are also constituted in ginseng which help in anticancer and immunomodulation effects. Additionally, ginsenoside, a component in ginseng, makes it vital in the relaxation of muscles, for anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antiapoptotic properties.


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